Instinct Esports Edition: The Smartwatch for Gamers

Instinct Esports Edition: The Smartwatch for Gamers

Instinct  is a must-have in the competitive world of esports. It’s designed with esports athletes and enthusiasts in mind and made for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge with elite training. It is also for those who want a smartwatch that matches their lifestyle and supports their interests.

One of the hottest smartwatches on the market right now, Garmin Instinct  is engineered to improve your gameplay and your overall health and wellness at the same time. We all know that while esports are our passion, it pays to strike a balance between all your activities.  Garmin’s Instinct Esports smartwatch helps you do just that. 

Elevate your game with the Instinct Esports Edition of smartwatches.

What’s the difference between a player and a champion? A player plays. A champion plays with Instinct. Instinct Esports  Edition is the GPS gaming smartwatch built for victories. Play and enjoy its amazing features to hone your skills and be the best. 

Analyze gaming performance through a dedicated esports activity profile. Use STR3AMUP! to broadcast your stress level and heart rate during game streams. Get notifications straight from your phone to your wrist and train smarter with 30+ sports apps. With Instinct, you can get your mind and body ready for an intense gaming.

Game more. Charge less. Get up to 80 hours in Esports mode and enjoy health monitoring features for your wellness. Get the smartwatch perfect for a gamer like you.

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