Taking Care of Your Body and Mind Through Yoga

Taking Care of Your Body and Mind Through Yoga

Namaste. You often hear this from yogis before or after their practice, but what does it exactly mean? The word comes from the root words namah, which means to bow, and te, meaning to you. It’s often said to thank someone and is commonly translated as “the light in me bows to the same light within you.”

It’s one of the core principles of yoga—finding balance within you and connecting your body, mind, and soul. This is one of the reasons why yoga has become this profound practice people are loving and venturing toward. But for those who are new to the activity find themselves asking, “Can I also do this?” or “Am I flexible enough?” “Do you start if you’re lightweight?” To answer these questions, first, let us know more about yoga. 

What is yoga? 

Yoga practice is one of the best transformational activities you can choose to start and invest your time in. The benefits of it are numerous, including finding balance, mindfulness, and good stretching of the bones and muscles.


Is yoga for me? 

Yoga is for people who want to venture into mind and body practice and make it a part of their lifestyle. It’s for those who want to find balance in their day-to-day routines, body, and thoughts and have a different and growing perspective on being connected.

It’s good to ask if it’s the right fit for you. People practice yoga for different reasons. But if you catch yourself saying you think you want to do yoga to lose weight fast, then this is not for you. Yoga’s movements are fluid, slow, and in depth. Although it can support you in your weight-loss journey, yoga is more focused on breathing, balance, and flexibility, not on burning calories. If the benefits of practicing yoga do not match with the result you want to achieve, then it’s best to shift your focus toward something else. 

How do you begin practicing yoga? 

Get what you need. For starters, grab a yoga mat! It’s important to have the right support for your body. Make sure to have a yoga mat that is comfortable and durable, one where you can cozily balance and try your poses. Yoga blocks are another great equipment to help you with your poses if it’s too difficult for you. It’s great for both beginners and experts.  
Learn and practice. It’s important to find a class or a program that is easily accessible and makes you feel comfortable with a seasoned instructor you can connect with. Be open to possibilities and opportunities to learn and master the art of adaptation. If you don’t know how and where to begin, try looking up online videos and programs you can follow. Most people start the practice in the comfort of their own homes. It’s all about building consistency, diving deeper into the discipline, and enjoying your progress.

Yoga with Garmin

With Garmin Venu Sq, you can connect your body and mind. It’s a smartwatch that offers features that will help you build a better routine, track your health, and even try out online yoga practices via the Garmin Connect App.

It’s perfect for yogis because its features are aimed at helping people find balance in their everyday life and at the same time nurture their health. You can practice anytime, anywhere with Garmin Venu Sq. It's the perfect partner for a beginner yogi like yourself. Start your yoga journey now. Namaste.

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