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Health Benefits of Running

Health Benefits of Running

Life is better when you run. And when you run with a Forerunner, your best just gets better.

The Forerunner smartwatch series offers advanced running dynamics and preloaded apps like Garmin Connect and features that empower every type of runner to gain health benefits and achieve body goals!

What are the benefits of running exactly? Tons! When you start your day with a brisk walk or run, you're on track toward a healthier lifestyle. If you’re training or building up a routine, running is truly beneficial.  According to scientific studies, people who run are found to be at lower risk of developing arthritis than those who don’t. Results also show that running boosts memory, improves mood, increases stamina, and reduces stress.

Garmin’s Forerunner smartwatches offer endless features. They allow you to take your activities to the next level, with features for tracking steps, distance, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. Not just that, as you also get the latest in running technology, including advanced distance and interval training features. These watches also track your training history and even provide alerts for upcoming events on your calendar so you never miss a beat again.

When it comes to improving, don't just set a goal—be your own best coach. Make the most out of the watches’ features like alerts for intervals, repeats, and rest; automatic split times that keep you on track during timed workouts; training history that shows your previous workout details; and accurate data on running distances, rep times, rest periods, and speed.  Fore

With Garmin’s Forerunner series of GPS-enabled sport watches, you get more than just a watch, you get the perfect partner in training and achieving your fitness goals.  Learn more about one of the Forerunner Series feature. 


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