Empowering Lifestyle Through a Smartwatch

Empowering Lifestyle Through a Smartwatch


We all have different lifestyles that we choose to live by or, for some, try to discover and build. It’s important that we empower growth in ourselves whatever lifestyle we choose. Taking care of our body and mind is a big step toward achieving the quality of life we aspire to have. 

 With Garmin, you get to live your best with a lifestyle smartwatch that’s fit for you. Garmin Lily, one of our premium smartwatches, helps you beat yesterday! 



How Garmin Lily Aims to Empower Your Lifestyle

Bet you’ve never seen a smartwatch so small but can do so much. With a flick of your wrist, the stylish patterned lens reveals a bright touchscreen display, and when you’re done, the display disappears. With a Garmin wearable in your hand, you get the perfect partner to help you take care of yourself throughout the day. You can enjoy all its amazing features that truly spark the light within and let you be in control. 


Work on your body strength and fitness goals.  

Whatever the task or activity, take it in stride with Garmin LilyEnjoy the easy access and convenient reminders with its smart connection features and morning report. Fitness goals? Say no more. Equipped with fitness tracking, Lily tracks steps, calories burned, and intensity minutes. You can switch up your workout routine with activity profiles for yoga, Pilates, cardio, mindful breathing, strength training, and more. 


Know the importance of health. 

Health and overall wellness? Lily may be small in size, but it’s definitely large in features. With the use of Hydration Tracking, you can log your daily fluid intake right on your watch. You can even set up hydration reminders, create goals, and view your history and progress on the Garmin Connect app. You also get to enjoy Lily’s women’s health monitoring feature, pulse ox- sensor, safety tracking feature, and more! Creating simple goals with the help of Garmin Lily benefits your overall health. 


Connect with positive influences and grow.

You can sync the data from the Garmin Connect app to your phone, letting you see your health and fitness information in one place. The Garmin Connect app is a thriving online community where people on the go can connect, compete, and share. Having a positive influence on people and receiving the same is the first step to building a support system that will help you grow and be better.


Practice a good rest and find balance

Busy can be good. When we hear it, it kind of sends a bad omen. But with Garmin Lily’s Stress Tracking feature, you will know if you’re having a calm, balanced, or stressful day. You can see relax reminders that will even prompt you to do a short breathing activity when you’re feeling stressed. Live the life you love with Garmin. 


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