Setting My Eyes on Zone 5

Setting My Eyes on Zone 5

I purchased my third Garmin last December 2020 mainly because the watch I was using back then didn’t give me information regarding workout zones, which I wanted during my spin classes. 


After months of research, I finally decided on getting a Fenix 6 Solar because of its complete features, added battery life from solar power, and most importantly, it now came in a small size, perfect for my small wrist.


The zone reading it gives is color coded. This is wonderful so I can easily see it even while spinning.  Zones are important to me so that I can push myself to burn more.  I realize that staying longer in Zone 4 and pushing for Zone 5 helped me burn more during a class.  With this data available to me, I was able to increase the calories I burn per class from high 200s to 500 on a good day.  On easy days, I can also choose to stay in Zone 3/4 and accept a lower burn.


In time, I became aware of the Training effect score given by the watch.  This score is divided between Aerobic and Anaerobic score. While I usually score fair in Aerobic, my anaerobic score was low.  This made me aware that I should work harder on those short bursts of high-intensity activities. 


In addition to the various data given by my watch, Garmin has a lot of challenges too. Waking 300,000 steps per month is one of those I join monthly.  This pushes me to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  Last July 2021, I joined the Garmin Running Club, and we were asked to run in Zone 2. Although this came as quite a surprise to me, at the end of 3 weeks, I made my PR running 5 km.


I bought my first two Garmin watches during those years that I was training for triathlons. Although Garmin is indeed a triathlon watch, I believe that it is so much more. I can say that, I rarely remove my watch these days except to charge. I even wear it to sleep so that it can track how long I slept, average deep sleep, and average rem among others.


I’m also very happy that my watch syncs data with my food tracker.  My daily caloric burn automatically syncs to Myfitnesspal app to give me accurate information on how much calories I still have available for that day.


I also have a Garmin weighing scale, and this too automatically syncs to my Garmin Connect app. Need I say more? I’m really a happy and loyal Garmin user.


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