Indoor vs. Outdoor Cycling

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cycling

Which Is Better for Me: Indoor or Outdoor Cycling? 

Indoor and outdoor cycling are two activities that probably sound very similar to you. The only difference you can think of is the setting. But the truth is, they differ in a lot of ways, something you might want to consider when choosing the best mode for you.

But whatever you choose, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be strict in the sense that if you pick indoor cycling now, you have to stick to it for life, no. It’s more about educating yourself about how both work and figuring out which one makes a better fit and how you can gain more from the experience. 

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Both indoor and outdoor cycling are similar in terms of using a bike and its components (wheels, pedals, etc.) and using strength, mobility, and balance as a form of exercise. But there are a few differences you need to know.

Outdoor Cycling
Training outdoors challenges your balance and coordination much more than training indoors. There are many factors that can make training outside harder, like the noise, passing vehicles, people crossing, the weather, and the type of terrain. Cycling outdoors means biking on different kinds of terrain like roads, trails, busy streets, or open spaces. And in outdoor cycling, you can choose to bike in groups or alone.

Indoor Cycling
Cycling indoors, on the other hand, promises safety and easy setup. You can start your workout anytime, without having to worry about the weather. In indoor cycling, riding with people who are on different skill levels does not pose a challenge as everyone can do it at their own pace.
In addition, you don’t crash when cycling indoors, and if you’re looking for a quick routine, this is something you can do. 

Cycling with Garmin Edge 130+

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor cycling, you can use Garmin Edge 130 for a better experience. With it, you can check your progress with your training. You can wirelessly sync workouts right to your Edge device. You can connect and interact via Garmin Connect and get access to all its features for navigation and more. Enjoy your ride without worrying about your device running out of power as Edge can go for as long as 12 hours. Swipe and select. Click and set your next indoor or outdoor cycling. 

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