Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling comes with a lot of physical and psychological benefits. It’s not only effective in burning calories, it’s also a convenient and safe workout you could try at home and invest your time in. 

But what is indoor cycling all about? Indoor cycling can be a simple activity, a workout, or a form of training, it’s up to you. It focuses on a high-powered cardio workout that is aimed at helping you lose weight without stressing your joints the way running or other higher-impact workouts do.

The Many Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Helps burn lots of calories
Cycling is a great workout you can do to have a more active metabolism. Having an active metabolism will help you maintain your weight or, if you want, shed some pounds. Through indoor training, you burn fats and build muscles. It is how you increase your metabolism, not by restricting your food intake. It’s about finding balance, improving cardiovascular strength, burning fats, and leaning more toward building lean muscle through progressive cycling.  
Strengthens your cardiovascular system
Cycling is a cardio workout, which means when you train, you’re not just burning fats, you’re also keeping your heart healthy. 

Builds muscle and tones your body
One of the best physical benefits of cycling is building leg strength. It targets your whole legs, from the hamstring and calves to the glutes. When you train, your body creates lean muscles and tones your body! 

Puts you in a better mood 
Cardio workout, or any type of workout for that matter, can really make you feel ten times better than how you were when you woke up. It’s about owning your day and being in control. The science behind workouts benefiting mental health has been proven true over time. It releases happy hormones and rids of toxins. It works inwardly, in ways we can’t comprehend, but the wonders it does can be observed in our actions and progress.

Cycling with Garmin Edge 130+
With Garmin’s Edge 130+, you can check your progress with your training. You can also use it for indoor or outdoor cycling. You can wirelessly sync workouts right to your Edge device. You can connect via Garmin Connect and see all the features for navigation and more. Enjoy your ride without thinking of your device’s battery life for it can go for as long as 12 hours. Swipe and select. Click and set your next indoor or outdoor cycling. 

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