Why Do We Need to Work Out?

Why Do We Need to Work Out?

Exercise is good for you, it’s not new information. We’ve been taught these things in school or when we do sports, and we are advised by our doctors to make the time for exercises to improve our health. And I know you’ve asked this: “But why? Why do we need to work out?” Wanting to know the benefits of an action before doing it is understandable. It is usually the first step towards building interest in an activity and investing time in it. 

First, we go back to the basics. Our bodies are composed of interconnected systems that work together to complete a job. We’re meant to move. And exercising helps keep those systems to function properly. It strengthens areas not just physically but internally. Exercise offers psychological and physiological benefits. 

What type of exercise is right for me, you might ask. The three parts of a balanced exercise routine are aerobic, strength training, and flexibility training. There are exercises that are best if you want to focus on a particular area and some exercises that are mixed to target different parts. It’s up to you which type of exercise you want to do.

To give you a better understanding of the different types of exercises, here is the definition of each:

Aerobic Exercise
Focuses on the heart. It’s an exercise that gets the heart pumping and gets you breathing harder. When you give your heart and lungs this kind of workout regularly, they get stronger and become better at getting oxygen (in the form of oxygen-carrying blood cells) to all parts of your body. An example of this could be running, swimming, dancing, hiking, or brisk walking. 

Strength Training
Targets and strengthens your muscles and therefore supports your bones and joints. When you use your muscles, they become stronger and you burn more calories and fats. It’s one of the keys to maintaining a healthy weight. You don't always have to lift weights to make your muscles and bones stronger. There are different types of exercise that strengthen different muscle groups. You can do body strength training or weights or a mix of both. 

Flexibility Training
Exercise can also help the body stay flexible. This is where stretching of the muscles comes in. Being flexible improves a person's performance in sports and other activities. To build lean muscle or prevent injuries, people are advised to stretch before and more after the workout. 

Garmin Connect 
When it comes to doing exercises, it’s good to have a partner you can trust. With the right smartwatch in hand, you can learn about tons of workouts with its built-in workout apps and choose what you want to try and practice. Exercising is hard. It’s a commitment to your body. Most people do it all for its benefits to their physical appearance, but in reality, when you go in depth with your workouts and how they work, you begin to see the internal gains of a healthy and smart journey. 

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