How to Better Manage Your Time and Plan Your Workouts

How to Better Manage Your Time and Plan Your Workouts

Busy! It’s one of those words that find its way out of our mouths every day. “Hey, want to go out?” Busy. “Maybe spend time with your kids or family and friends?” Busy. “Have me time, do skincare, pamper yourself, and relax?” No, I can’t do it, I’m too busy.

“I have to finish everything” is our automatic response. When was the last time you made yourself a priority? Really thinking about your health or your body? 
Making time for exercise is hard, especially when you don’t even think it’s a priority. It takes a lot of strength, focus, and motivation to start working on yourself again. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To begin, you just have to take that very first step.

Here’s how.

1. Start with a fresh attitude and simple goal. Always think of every action toward getting back to your workout as steps, rather than the whole staircase. Start out with small or short-term goals and a short duration of workout per day before doing it at a faster, more progressive place. Don’t make an excuse! Spare even 15 minutes of your day to do it!

2. Mix it up. Schedule a workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever works for you. What’s important is you create time for it. Also, try incorporating light workouts after a couple of stretching or yoga sessions. You can do your workout at home with a friend, the next by yourself, do yoga the next day, and do HIIT after that. Getting into a consistent workout routine does not mean you have to follow a certain course. It’s entirely up to you what you love to work on and what type of exercise you feel like doing.

3. Remember the basics and get to work. Less is more! Start with a warmup to allow your body to prepare itself and make sure to cool down after your workout. Have rest days. Being consistent does not mean not taking any breaks. Rest is important for the body to recover after strenuous activity. That’s just how it works. Respect your body by taking the time to rest before you work out again. 

Once you know what to do, your goals, and the perfect pace for you, you’re good to go. The moment of truth lies in your action and how you convert your plans into a reality. Create workouts, list them down, adjust and make time for them, take a break, and enjoy the journey. 

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