The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Balanced Diet

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Balanced Diet

We have this misconception that diet equates to drastically changing our food plan, cutting back on a lot of things, and excessive fasting. Majority of us have given the word diet a negative connotation, using it to shame those who practice it for being very desperate to lose weight. “Oh, she’s on a diet? Poor her, can’t enjoy delicious food.” It’s how most of us react to the idea of dieting, but that’s not true at all.

The word diet literally means the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. It’s what you choose to consume consistently and train yourself to have. What’s your diet? Does it consist of chips, noodles, and fast food with lots of sugar and salt? What do you habitually ingest to fuel yourself up? Is it sugary drinks and loads of sappy pizza carbohydrates and oily fries?

Understanding and relearning diet from a fresh perspective allows us to have a better understanding about our health and relationship with food. Because the truth is, you can have all the good, delicious food and still be fit. You just have to strike a balance and relearn what good food is. A good diet constitutes not a small amount of food served. It means fresh ingredients, tasteful and wholesome food, and an abundance of nutrients to fuel your body and keep it healthy.

There’s a saying that goes “You are what you eat.” It’s a wise one. Your body is your temple. You are your body. What you eat is how you treat it, whether you believe it or not. And  you’ll feel the effect of it through time. It’s important that we practice this as soon as we are able to understand that we have this one life to experience lots of things and our ultimate priority is to take care of ourselves. 
But how does one achieve a balanced diet? 

  1. Commit. Know your body. Know why you want to achieve a balanced diet. Start with a good reason and intention, rather than just the goal you want. It’s the only way you can convince yourself to actually start working for it. 
  1. Make healthier food choices. Try incorporating food that helps your skin glow, get nutrients from fresh ingredients, try cooking and learning about what kind of meals are good for you and see the difference. Educate yourself and keep an open mind. Read articles, learn recipes, or watch cooking videos and try them yourself.
  1. Act. Start small. Go for an outdoor walk or do a 15-minute indoor workout. Prepare yourself a snack or a meal if you’re feeling pumped. Find a new recipe to try. Do some research on the best type of diet for you. Ditch the chips. Drink lots of water. Quit drinking alcoholic beverages. Go for a checkup, and if you’re planning on doing certain activities, discuss it with your doctor first.

Follow these three simple steps. You have to do the first step inwardly, then you can see the outward result. 

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