Get the Best of Both Worlds: Introducing Garmin Descent

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Introducing Garmin Descent

Introducing the Descent G1 Solar, a more compact smartwatch with better features than any other watch from the Garmin Descent series. With its extended battery life, solar-charging feature, slim form, and dive features, it's definitely a must-have! 

The Descent G1 Solar boasts a powerful dive computer with a full complement of functions for essential information and recommendations that a modern dive computer would provide. There are also some convenient features like vibrating depth alerts and automatic entry/exit point tracking. The G1 allows you to use and pair with the Garmin Dive App. On the app, you can review specifics to keep a more detailed logbook, share information about your trip, and get the scoop on places to check out from other users.

Standout Features of the Descent G1 Solar:

Dive Modes

Get multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives, gauge, apnea, apnea hunt, and closed-circuit rebreather.Track your entry and exit points with advanced satellite connectivity with Surface Multi-GNSS features. You can store and review data for up to 200 dives—and share the same via the Garmin Dive app called Dive Log. With customizable dive mode, you can add additional screens for each dive mode that feature the fields you want to see. Additionally, you can easily navigate below the waterline with its built-in 3-axis compass and explore! 

Sports Apps

Use preloaded activity profiles for trail running, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, golfing, and more. There’s also the Fitness Age feature, which uses chronological age, your weekly vigorous activity, and resting heart rate to estimate if your body is younger or older than you are. And you can get tips to lower your fitness age.

Health-Monitoring Features

After each workout, recovery time lets you know when you’ll be ready for another hard workout. It even accounts for training intensity and factors such as stress, daily activity, and sleep. Training Status feature is a metric that evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to let you know if you’re training productively, peaking, or overreaching. 

You can get a full breakdown of your light, deep, and REM sleep stages. View it all on a dedicated widget that includes your sleep score and insights. You can track your body’s energy levels so you can find the best times for activity and rest. Log daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. When the auto goal is enabled, you’ll even see estimated sweat loss after an activity and your goal will adjust accordingly.

The Descent G1 Solar lives up to its motto, “Get the best of both worlds,” by providing you with features for health and fitness, from sleep monitoring to hydration and more. It lets you track your every move while skiing, running, and golfing through the preloaded built-in sports app! With its smart notification features, it sends you alerts via text, call, tweet, or through the social media or messaging platform of your choice.

If you have an active lifestyle and you're always ready for adventure, the Garmin Descent G1 Solar is the smartwatch for you!

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