Burn Fat and Build Muscle with This HIIT Indoor Workout

Burn Fat and Build Muscle with This HIIT Indoor Workout



The end of the year is fast approaching, the start of our seasonal and long celebration of our favorite holidays—and you know what that means? Foods. Lots of them. There’s no denying that we Filipinos go all out when it comes to preparing something to share with our family. 

As you celebrate the merriest days of the year with your loved ones, don’t be cautious of eating too much as you know you are starting to follow a balanced workout routine to end the year strong, fit, and confident.

Why wait for the New Year to make a resolution when you can commit as early as today with your Fenix 6s?



HIIT Indoor Workout


What is HIIT indoor workout and its benefits? 


HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a mode of workout involving cardio and weights (whether it’s bodyweight or using kettlebells or dumbbells) in an alternation pattern, a quick rest in between for recovery. It’s a high-paced active workout routine. 


HIIT is known to be an effective way to lose weight and boost overall health. It jumpstarts your metabolism to increase fat loss.


But HIIT is not for everyone, as it requires high-intensity intervals. It is best to consult a doctor or a professional if you are a beginner trying a new workout routine and are not active and consistent with training. 


It’s good to choose and pair certain cardio workouts and lighter weights if you want to start slowly and surely with your HIIT and increase the intensity as you go. You can start doing this once a week to practice your endurance.


What do you target doing a HIIT indoor workout? 


It depends on the workout you choose. For example, pairing cardio and legs with your type of interval, you’ll target endurance, cardio, and the muscle and fat in your leg, causing it to work, sweat, tear, and build lean muscle. You get to choose what area you want to work in, but overall, cardio helps and moves your whole body to burn excess fat. 


What do you need for a HIIT workout?


It’s good to have an exercise mat prepared to support your body. For weights (it’s optional if you want to use kettlebells/dumbbells or your body weight), it’s up to you. Prepare a water bottle on the side to keep you hydrated.


Burn Fats and Build Muscle with This HIIT Indoor Workout 



HIIT workouts are known for burning the most calories in a short amount of time, and they require you to keep moving! So hop onto your mat and start burning those fats and building lean muscles!  


Note: This HIIT workout is paired with a core workout: The focus is your core. 


Duration: 30 minutes; Warm-up and cool-down included 


1st step: Take a 5-minute warmup: Studies say, starting your workout with a warmup gives your body an improved performance, increases blood flow, prevents injury, improves mobility, and activates and readies your body for your training. You can do jumping jacks, ropes, or stretching and you can execute all these with Fenix 6s. 


2nd step: Do the HIIT workout  



  • High knees for 30 seconds 

  • Squats for 45 seconds 

  • Burpees for 30 seconds

  • Ankle taps for 45 seconds

  • Speed skater for 30 seconds

  • Hold plank for 45 seconds



3rd step: Do the Core workout next. 


  • Bicycle crunches 12 reps

  • Reclined punches for 30 seconds

  • Back bow crossover for 30 seconds 

  • Jumping oblique twists for 30 seconds


Repeat all the exercises for 3 sets.


4th step: Cool down to help your body recover.


Making sure to cool down after your workout with some simple stretches will help ease the pain.


HIIT Indoor Workout with Fenix 6s 


With any type of workout, you’ll stay motivated with Fenix 6s. It’s one of the best workout partners to keep you moving, with different kinds of modes and types of workouts including HIIT! 


Execute and start your indoor fitness journey now with Fenix 6s. With it, you can explore and try many different features that will make you work out better. 


Fenix 6s gives you advanced strength and HIIT workout training via the Garmin Connect App. You have on-screen animated workouts and health snapshots to give you instant health updates regarding your heart rate, blood oxygen, and more. 


From planning to execution and performance, and your body’s rest. Continue your workouts with Fenix 6s.

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