Get your Body Goals At Home

Get your Body Goals At Home


We all have that wishful dream that seems distant when it comes to talking about our body goals. One question lingers. How do we achieve the body that we want for us to finally happen?


We’re here to let you know what steps you need to take and to finally stop wishing and start working for that dream body and health goals that you have been waiting for! 


Don’t wait for the next year to start. End this year with the body and your progress in mind with the Garmin Vivoactive 4 to support you as your workout partner. It’s going to be worth it. 

What You Need To Start Your Body Goal Journey


Think About the Goal in Mind

In order for you to start something, you need to ask yourself three important questions for you to actually know if it’s a goal you intend to see through. “Why do I want it?”,“is it beneficial for me?”, and  “is it good for my well-being?” Asking yourself lets you make a better judgment and helps you create a strategy for you to accomplish it. 


An Open Mind to Educate Yourself  

People are different. They have different ideal body types and perceptions of fit, strong, or beautiful. The key to working on your body goal is to always keep in mind what it means for you. When you do that, you begin to discover and choose actions according to what you know is best- other than shallow comments and concepts from others who are too lazy to get too deep to achieve what they want. 


Having an open mind to educate yourself means starting to read informative articles about how muscles are gained, how relationships with food change you dramatically, how it’s important to stay hydrated, and that rest is where your body transforms. You begin knowing how to engage the right form with your exercises. You don’t just follow the same 1-10 steps everyone does- now you are able to formulate your own routine with learning and experience about your body transformation.


Commitment and Intention

Studies have shown that people who are committed and intentional about their body goals are more likely to achieve them versus those who are just enthusiastic about it. People who are committed and intentional are the ones who fight reason and act. They are the ones who know and apply what we commonly hear as “no pain, no gain” not just as a remark, but as a principle. 


Creating Habits for Transformation

Having the body goal you want  means creating habits that will work on making  that happen. It’s your everyday habits of morning routines, meals, resting time, work, and exercise. Creating habits and practicing them forms the foundation of your bigger actions to get that body. 



Steps to Start Your Body Goal Journey

Here are the 7 Simple Steps that I assure you can do if you have what it takes to finally start your body goal journey.


Give Time for Workout 

Giving yourself even 30 minutes daily for exercise shows great results. Working out not only helps you tone your body to be fit, but it also makes your bones and muscles stronger, and it helps your systems function properly. 


With Vivoactive 4 You can discover and try any workout - be it HIIT, cardio, or strength training. Go phone-free, and put your perfectly crafted workout playlist on your wrist. You’ll never run out of ways to move with 20+ preloaded sports apps.


You can experience and get full workouts with animations on your wrist. There are easy-to-follow, animated cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates workouts come preloaded on the watch, and you can download more from the Garmin Connect app 


Discover and Enjoy Activities in Music

From work from home or home school set up, it’s a tendency that we might get too comfortable to create less movement and be in one corner. But, trying to explore and discover activities might change and fight that laziness off your body. Breaking bad habits is easy when you explore activities that make your mind and body engaged. Studies have shown that incorporating music makes you work and perform even better! 


With Vivoactive 4 you can download songs plus playlists from your Spotify®, Deezer, or Amazon Music accounts and use wireless headphones for phone-free listening. It might look simple, but it’s beneficial! 


Prepare Your Own Meals 

Ditch the easy way and toss your deliveries aside. Get to know what nutrients you get from the foods you choose. It’s all about finding a balance between your fiber and getting your protein. More- does not always mean good. Know what’s enough and sufficient for your body. Load up for energy and cut off the excess sugar and carbs. 


Focus on preparing meals that are fresh and make it fun! Learn a new recipe and try a new dish! Preparing your own meals makes you take control of your diet. 


Rest and Recover

Find out if you’re having a calm, balanced or stressful day. Relax reminders with Vivoactive 4 will even prompt you to do a short breathing activity when you’re feeling stressed. 


Most people think that working out is when your body makes those changes in your body, but it’s actually when you are at rest after working out. Your body recovers and heals from all those pulling and pushing of muscles in your body. It repairs, builds, and strengthens more when you give it time to rest. The best strategy is not working out all the time but giving yourself some rest after your workout. 


Create Your Schedule Flow

Create your own schedule. Most people like to be active in the morning, some people in the afternoon, or evening. Do what works best for you. The greatest thing about getting on this journey is that you are in control of everything that makes it all possible. Follow workout videos from youtube or read that fitness magazine to look for a guide- you get to decide how you build your own flow. 


One of the amazing features of Vivoactive 4 is that it allows you to create your own workouts as well.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Being hydrated not only gives you the cool and feeling of refreshment but also helps you detoxify and push out toxins out of your body. And the good thing about it? You glow. It definitely is also good for your skin! Log your daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. You can even have an auto goal for hydration that adjusts based on how much sweat you lose during activities with Vivoactive 4


Find Balance In Your Workouts and Activities

Know your body type and choose workouts that target what you want to be toned, burned, or strengthened. Always work for a long-term process and don’t rush it. 


Some people will see the results faster than the other- and it’s okay. Always know that it takes time for each of us because we are all built differently.  As long as we’re doing our best and doing them with balance and intention- we’ll definitely get that body goal at home!


Vivoactive 4, the GPS-smartwatch built to active lifestyle.



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