Strengthen Your Immune System With Smart Indoor Training and A Healthy Diet

Strengthen Your Immune System With Smart Indoor Training and A Healthy Diet

Health and Fitness is 20% workout, 80% nutrition- 100% mindset. This is one of the first and most important facts of finding a balance between training and diet. The key to your fitness and overall health. 

Garmin believes that with science-based health monitoring, you’ll get a headstart to better health, so whether you are working on your muscle tone, or getting a better night’s sleep, you are working on a healthy lifestyle. 

Garmin’s Forerunner 45 aims to help you find the balance that you need to build that strong immune system and get you back on your workout mat.


The Importance of Diet To Training and Health



It’s a common misnomer, putting diet along with a negative connotation of  “a strict, limiting process with food intake towards loss of weight.” It’s not just that. 


Diet is the food and drinks people consume daily. It involves the relationship and components of nutrition and nourishment that your body needs and receives to be strong and healthy. Not just “limit” it. 


Garmin smartwatches, like the Forerunner 45 help you best with your training and push you to work and achieve strong health and  figure you want to achieve. 


Making the best of your 20% exercise allows you to also work for the 80% nutrition. 


So how does Garmin solve to find balance and push you for better health? 


How Garmin helps you find Balance In Your Training and Diet



Garmin believes that diet and training go hand in hand in having a good and strong body. You get the best and long-term results when you find balance in these two important factors to achieve the bigger image of health and fitness. 


What do Garmin smartwatches have to do with any of these you might ask. 

It’s because we know that the 20% is harder work for most people. It’s smaller but no less important.


The Forerunner 45 aims to deliver its features, which is giving important data and allowing you to perform best in your training and workouts. 


When you know what you want, and you have the tools right in front of you to push you to your goal- you can strive for discipline. 


Our smartwatches aim for you, to be equipped in training effectively and associate balance with workout and a healthy diet. 


How Training 20% looks like:


  • Training towards health and physique goals. 

  • Training towards targeting your body to look better, and to be better.  

  • Having a healthy mindset towards training, what’s fit for you. 

  • Having enough rest for your body to recover. 

  • Respecting your body’s progress and transition. 


Indoor Workouts To Try Daily: 


Your Indoor workouts are flexible and are up to you. You can do Yoga in the morning, break a sweat by dancing, or do a HIIT workout. With Garmin Forerunner 45 you can activate Garmin Connect for workout ideas and explore more activities that you can do.


 How Nutrition: 80% looks like: 


  • Eating smart, knowing your body type. 

  • Knowing what makes you perform and feel the best and what doesn’t.

  • Knowing the nourishments your body needs. 

  • It’s practicing control between too much, and too little.

  • It's having a healthy view and relationship with food into a deeper understanding and enjoying it while feeling confident about yourself. 



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