Effective Indoor Workouts That You Need To Try

Effective Indoor Workouts That You Need To Try


We’ve all been there. Looking at our screens, scrolling through our feed posts, tapping into stories, and wishing we have the time, availability, and flexibility to work for the body and health we want to achieve, but just finding it hard to start. 


You can start and pick yourself up easily to do your Indoor workouts with Garmin Venu 2 Series. You can finally have that fitness and health goals achieved. You can map out your indoor fitness journey whenever you want and in whatever way you please. There's no pressure, no distractions, just pure focus, and motivation to get effective results and level up your fitness journey. 



Effective Indoor Workouts To Try


Here are three different sets of workouts that you should try at home and get creative with: cardio, strength, and stretching. These workouts are all beneficial for burning unwanted fats, building and strengthening muscles, toning, and gives great effects on your overall health for better body function and removal of toxins. 


More good news? It can take only 30 minutes for such great results! Let’s get moving.  


Cardio Workout


Benefits: Focuses on a large percentage of all your body’s movement, therefore really focuses on burning calories. It’s important to be mindful of your core and breathing for great execution and hitting the right form. It’s not about quantity, but the quality of every movement. 


Workout:  High Knees 30 seconds, Inchworm 30 seconds, Mountain Climbers 30 seconds, Jumping Jacks 30 seconds, and Skaters 30 seconds = 3 sets = estimated 10 minutes.     


High Knees: Keep your core engaged, feet apart, shoulder width. Mind your posture, and chest out. Move and hit your knees in high motion, and mind your breathing.


Inchworm: Keep your core engaged when carrying your body to do the motion. Stand straight, then bend and move your hands crawling forward to your mat and back to repeat the motion.  



Mountain Climbers: Start with a plank position, keep your gaze forward, and execute movement at a high-speed pace for 30 seconds. Mind your breathing.           


Strength Workout 


Benefits: The good thing about being in control of your workouts, you get to target specific groups of muscles to work on one at a time or mix things up. Most people focus on their core and legs because it holds more support for your body. Strengthening your body allows you to make lean muscles, stronger and flexible joints and trains your body to adapt and get stronger. 


Workout: Body Weight Squats 30x, Deadlift, Lunges 12x on each leg, Pushups 20x, Plank 1 minute = 3 sets = estimated 10 minutes.



Body Weight Squats:  Keep your core engaged, feet apart, shoulder width. Mind your posture, and chest out. Bend your knees slightly, and make sure that your head is facing forward. Do the squat motion making sure of your form, and feeling the weight transfer from your legs, and slowly pushing back up to your original stance. Starting your squats without weights makes your mind perfecting your form first.



Deadlift: Keep your core engaged, feet apart, shoulder width. Stand straight, and hold your choice of weight. It’s good to start with a 5kg dumbbell or kettlebell or get creative with some heavy books). Straighten your gaze and slightly bend your lower body, while your chest is up. Make sure to slightly bend your arms when holding your weights.


Push-ups: Start with a plank position, keep your gaze forward, and carefully push your body weigh up and down, carrying the motion and engaging your core.


Plank: Stay in plank position, keep your gaze forward, and engage your core- transfer all your weight around your body, holding your position for a minute. 




Benefits: Stretching improves the flexibility and range of motion of your joints. It helps improve performance, increase blood flow to the muscle, and helps improve your posture. Here’s three basic and foundational yoga stretches for you to try. 


Workout: Downward Dog 1min, Child’s Pose 1min, Cat-Cow Pose 1 minute = 3 sets = estimated 10 min. 


Downward Dog: Make a tabletop position, be on your hands and toes on the mat. Slowly and carefully bend and push your weight backward and slowly move your legs in to walk and lift you in the middle. Make sure that your chest is faced on the ground and make your stretches in every walk. Hold position breathe in deeply for 30 seconds or 1 minute and slowly move your legs back to your starting position. 

  • Child’s Pose:  Keep your core engaged and make a tabletop position, be on your hands and toes on the mat. Lean your chest forward and stretch your arms as far as you can over your head. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute, while breathing and slowly return to your starting position.    


  • Cat-Cow Pose:  Keep your core engaged and make a tabletop position, be on your hands and toes on the mat. Slowly bend and stretch your lower back, creating a cat form. Breathe in holding the form, then slowly arch your back for cow pose moving your shoulders rolled forward, making your back stretch outwards, creating a cow form. Breathe out while holding the form, then go back to the starting position. 



 Indoor Workout with Venu 2 Series 


Executing and starting your Indoor Fitness journey now with Venu 2 Series you can explore and connect to so many different features that will make you work out better. 


Venu 2 Series gives you advanced strength and HIIT workout training via the Garmin Connect App. You have on-screen animated workouts and health snapshots to give you instant health updates regarding your heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration, and stress level and can work on sleep score so you can work towards a better night's sleep.  


From Planning to execution and performance, and your body’s rest. Venu 2 Series is definitely Your Indoor Workout Partner. 



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