Healthy Morning Workout Routine You Should Try for a Week

Healthy Morning Workout Routine You Should Try for a Week

Waking up early in the morning, doing an indoor workout, sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, and preparing a healthy and warm breakfast is the ideal routine we all dream to have. We’ve all been there— head feeling heavy and your body feeling like the 10 lbs. of weight you use for a strength workout, so you’re magnetized to your bed. Why does it feel like an impossible task to start an early-morning routine? Not enough motivation or a lack of commitment?


Sometimes, all you need is a little push. You can start a healthy routine anytime you want with Garmin Venu 2. You can finally achieve your fitness and health goals every day by doing some activities and following a routine.


One of Garmin’s missions is to help people make progress in their health journey. Every wearable is designed to help you track health metrics and is equipped with apps that are aimed at helping you push yourself to perform better each day.


Healthy Morning Routine Tips You Should Try and Why

Here are simple and important morning routine tips that you should try at home. These workouts are all beneficial for staying hydrated, keeping energy level at its peak, building lean and strong muscle, and maintaining good health.




  • Benefits: Drinking water first thing in the morning is good for your body. It helps regulate body temperature, transports nutrients to parts of your body, and keeps your organs functioning well. Staying hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.


  • Healthy Drinks You Should Try: With water, it’s a great idea to add a little spice to it by putting in some lemon or other citrus fruits to refresh your body. You can add tea as well. 


  • With Venu 2s: Venu 2s has a hydration tracking feature. You can log your daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. You can even have an auto goal for hydration that adjusts based on how much you sweat during activities. 





  • Benefits: Stretching is one of the most essential routines that you should do, as it is scientifically proven to boost one’s mood, ease muscle tension, and help prevent injuries during activities. 


  • Stretches You Should Try: Do some yoga. Not only does it help you stretch out muscles, it also calms and lets you meditate. If you’re not a fan of it,  you can start with some basic stretches.


  • With Venu 2s: You can use Venu 2s’ stress tracking and Pulse Ox Sensor to check your blood oxygen, or part of your night’s sleep to know how well your body is absorbing oxygen. You can do these in just a few taps.





  • Benefits: Working out burns calories, removes toxins, and helps your body’s organs to function properly. It gives you endurance, strength, and speed and produces happy hormones to boost your mood.


  • With Venu 2s: Venu 2s built-in sport apps let you track all the ways you move—including walking, running, cycling, pool swimming, golfing, and more—with more than 25 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps.


  • A cool feature that Venu 2s offers is animated on-screen workouts that you can follow. These include animated cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, which come preloaded on the watch. You can download more from the Garmin Connect app.





  • Benefits: Research reveals that rest is actually an important part of our daily activities, especially when working. We use up our mental and physical energies throughout the day. We need to recover and take a pause. Even when we do our workouts, we have to rest in between and take water breaks to let our bodies recover. Every day, we sleep and take power naps to give us energy. Having enough rest makes you perform better in your daily activities.

  • With Venu 2s: Venu 2s offers you a Sleep Score and advanced sleep monitoring feature. You can get a score for your sleep quality and insights on how you can do better. You can even keep track of the different sleep stages as well as heart rate, stress, Pulse Ox3, and respiration. 


A rest within the day, even if it’s just a 10-minute break, can make a big difference. You can enjoy Venu 2s’ mindful breathing feature. When you want to relax or focus, you can start a breathwork activity, and this watch will track your stress and respiration to help you get a better understanding of your own breathing.


Eat a Healthy Meal


  • Benefits: Ditch the chips and instant meals. A hearty and balanced meal gives you the needed nutrients your body actually needs. Eating a healthy meal gives you energy sources and reduces fat! 


  • If you want to have a great and healthy body inside and out, pay more attention to what you eat. When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, 80% of the work is actually from the food you eat. Eating healthy supports brain development, boosts mood, and strengthens your body’s system functions.



A Healthy Morning Routine with Venu 2/ 2s 

Starting and finishing your day with Venu 2s you can explore and enjoy many different features that will make you work out better and practice and build healthy routines. 


Venu 2s gives you advanced strength and HIIT workout training via the Garmin Connect App. You have on-screen animated workouts and health snapshots to give you instant health updates regarding your heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration, and stress level. You can also get to know your sleep score so you can work toward a better night's sleep.  


When you live healthily, you live better. Venu 2s smartwatch has advanced health monitoring and fitness features to help you better understand what’s going on with your body.

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