Say Ohm to Brighter Days: How Yoga Can Inspire Your Life

Say Ohm to Brighter Days: How Yoga Can Inspire Your Life

At first glance, yoga may seem like an esoteric practice that only a few people could benefit from, but evidence suggests that that is far from the truth.

Yoga inspires us to reveal our fears or hesitations so we can grow beyond them into new uncharted potential. Just like going on an adventure, yoga helps us commit to an uncertain outcome with an open heart and open mind.

A lot of us may already know that yoga can increase strength, improve flexibility, and ease aches and pains. But what about the benefits that extend beyond the mat?

If you’re already a yoga practitioner, you know at least some of the benefits of yoga outside the mat. Maybe you’re sleeping better or you’re better at handling your feelings. But if you’ve tried telling a beginner about the benefits of yoga, you might find that explanations like “It increases the flow of prana” fall on deaf or skeptical ears.

In this article, we will try to simplify it all up so all you yoga beginners out there or those who are curious enough to take on this ancient practice will know what's in store for you once you hop on the mat and begin your yogic journey.

Being mindful and listening to our bodies

Yoga teaches us to be more mindful of our whole self. It is a system of self-discipline and self-control, where consciousness is guided through relaxation, breathing, physical poses, and exercises. 

After a while of practicing we learn how to listen to our bodies and prevent an injury—or help heal one. Getting to know your body is one of the biggest benefits of long-term yoga practice. More than that, yoga teaches you to listen attentively to all those messages that your body sends you so you don’t get hurt.

Asana practice also teaches us how to listen with our minds as well. We learn how to tune into our breath, which is a great way to create harmony between our mind and body. It helps us relax, open up, and be present in each moment, which is what allows us to stay positive and motivated through difficult times.

Overcoming challenges

Yoga teaches us that oftentimes, the hardest part is taking the first step. But we do it because we understand the benefits to be gained. That first step towards something you really want or need in life is a step on the path to happiness and success.

At the beginning of any yoga class, there's a lot of excitement. We see ourselves as capable of doing something great, something different, something that will make our lives better. Then as we get into practice and feel those new muscles working, we start to feel a little more confident about ourselves.

And as we continue, we realize just how much yoga can help us reach our goals. Yoga helps us become more flexible, stronger, and more aware of our bodies' limits. It even helps us sleep better. And when comes the time to take that next step towards what we really want in life—whether that means starting your own business or finding a job that will allow you more time with loved ones—yoga teaches us that taking that step today is the key to success.


When you are practicing mindful yoga, you are practicing acceptance. This is an essential tool in living a happy, healthy life.

Through the mindful yoga practice, we learn to let go and accept situations for what they are. Applying this to our everyday life can be very valuable as when we accept a perceived negative situation for what it is, we begin to neutralize it, and soon enough, we’re able to more easily move through it.

Mindful practice teaches us that what appears as a problem or challenge today will not always be there tomorrow. It allows us to deal with each situation on its own merits and point by point without getting caught up on these notions of how things should be in order to make them right. 


The lessons provided in this article should help you get a glimpse of your personal path towards spiritual growth. It's better to keep your goals in mind, and make sure that you do not fall prey to the cycle of self-loathing that so many get caught up in. Yoga's intent is to lend clarity, and your intent should be to use this clarity to improve our own life and of those around you.

In the end, what matters is we recognize that just like yoga, life will always be challenging, but always remember to enjoy the journey. No matter how tough it gets, no matter how much you want to quit, trust that you are where you should be, doing what you should be doing. And never give up.

Whatever your yoga practice will look like, remember to keep an attitude of open-mindedness and acceptance. Yoga is so much more than exercise; it's also a fantastic way to clear your mind and simplify your life. It helps you develop a calmer and more accepting attitude towards life. 

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Finding your passion isn't easy. You've got to explore different fields and areas of interest, only to realize that you're not truly happy with it. So put on your favorite workout playlist and give yoga a shot. It can be the key to unlocking the potential of your life that lies dormant inside you.

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