Sailing the Never Seas: The Life-Changing Health Benefits of Yachting

Sailing the Never Seas: The Life-Changing Health Benefits of Yachting

Ever wondered what it’s like to do something extraordinary? Something different from your current hobbies and the adventures you’ve taken in the past. Are you willing to try an activity that is far from what you’re used to? If yes, then yacht sailing might be for you! While it sounds a bit more costly than your usual kayaking or parasailing, this activity offers a wonderful experience that involves catching the waves and seeing breathtaking sights you wouldn’t see any other way. Not just that, yachting also offers several other health benefits not many are aware of.

Yacht sailing, for some, sounds more like a luxurious activity than a sport, but truth is, it serves different purposes. There are countless reasons why we should consider yachting every once in a while.

Yacht sailing increases stamina. While this is something you can get from doing other activities, what sets yachting apart is that it, in itself, involves different workouts. You can be doing something as simple as tugging the yacht and you are already building your stamina. All the small actions you do while you are out on a sail can help your body one way or another.

Sailing a yacht also improves cardiovascular health, decreasing the risk of having high blood pressure, obesity, and other diseases. Your oxygen intake increases while sailing, which helps enhance blood flow, boost your energy levels, and improve your mood. Yacht sailing also has a positive impact on your mental and emotional health as it gives you the chance to see breathtaking sights and do something out of the ordinary. 

Yachting also promotes alertness. It makes you more adaptable and agile because you have to focus on one thing at a time. Tugging or lifting sails helps in enhancing your dexterity and engine skills. Sailing a yacht can also improve your attentiveness, not only to the big things but also to the smallest details of your travels.

Additionally, yachting improves your organizational and communication skills. If you’re out conquering the great seas, you are expected to keep things in order, as any form of disarray brings you closer to bigger problems. That’s why it is important that you make sure things are in the right place all the time.

Lastly, yacht sailing decreases anxiety levels. When you are in the middle of the sea, you hear splashes of water that offer calmness and relaxation that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. 

When yachting, it helps to have a tool you can rely on. One great example is Garmin’s MARQ Captain from its MARQ Collection of smartwatches. This wearable is packed with nautical features that are perfect for those wanting to navigate the world’s oceans. It displays the current weather condition with accurate information on the wind speed, temperature, and tide. This helps you gauge whether it is safe to go sailing. It also has a regatta timer that allows you to determine the best starting line, when to hit it, and in what position. 

The Captain also includes a Tack Assist that helps you maneuver through wind shifts with information on whether you’re getting headed or lifted. The smartwatch gives you access to the GHC 20 autopilot control unit too so you can change the heading, turn, or steer the vessel easily and precisely. The MARQ Captain offers training status, HRV status, stocks tracker, multi-GNSS, a stress score, and a pulse Ox sensor—all of which will help you do more and achieve more.

With the MARQ Captain and other Garmin devices, you will never have to worry about trying out the unusual. Give yourself the chance to explore the world more and reach greater heights with the maker of reliable fitness tools, Garmin.

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