Outdoor and Indoor Training During Pandemic

Outdoor and Indoor Training During Pandemic

The thought of getting yourself in the zone of transformation is exhilarating. It’s pumping. It’s making every cell in your body awake. You instantly think of running in open roads or fields, hiking, biking, taking yoga classes or gym sessions, and working out with a group or partner. It was there, available to happen. 


But, Covid 19 Pandemic took a devastating hit towards our safety and health all over the world. And the idea of transformation and our day to day efforts about our physical activity became difficult to achieve. 

How do we turn things around and continue working on our progress? Fortunately, Garmin Products offer you a wide variety of ways you can still stay active indoors or outdoors.

Garmin believes in health and wellness, especially in this time of pandemic. It aims to  help and motivate you to find your way back into taking care and strengthening our body with Garmin smartwatches. 


Outdoor and Indoor Training During Pandemic 

Both indoor and outdoor training have advantages towards your performance and health, it's not a matter of one being better than the other. It's knowing what works best for you. You can mix it up, have both indoor and outdoor training in between, or choose one type to focus on. It's up to you!


The Best of Outdoor Training

There are many different kinds of outdoor training you can immerse yourself in - running, hiking, cycling, and swimming are just some of them. Building up strength and resistance gives you more challenge. But, why choose outdoor training?

Outdoor training is vast, and many people prefer it because it automatically gives us a refreshing feeling and a positive effect on our mental, emotional, and physical state. 

The Forerunner 55 smartwatch gives you all the running essentials you need to achieve progress when training outside. It is specifically tailored for daily training tips and health monitoring to improve your performance on or off the track. 


Your Safety in Choosing Outdoor Training 

Your safety is still the top priority.  It's best that we are mindful and practice the guidelines and protocols when choosing to do outdoor training. As much as it exposes us to its benefits, it could also expose us to risks, changing weather, and to infectious diseases like (Covid-19). 

The Forerunner 55 gives your activity and health data to suggest more precise and recovery times between each run or workout activity. It helps you to be mindful and practice safety with yourself towards your surroundings. 

- pick a time where you could train alone

- avoid a place where there are groups of people or large crowds

- follow social distancing 

- follow health protocols advised by the government when working out outside


The Best of Indoor Training  

Indoor training builds focus and forms a discipline for people in serious training. You get to really immerse yourself away from other distractions. 

You will have no excuse to achieve your body and health goals, with our Garmin Running Smartwatches during your indoor training. You can create your own workouts or follow different training courses and suggestions with Garmin Sports using the Forerunner 55 series to help your body move on track.   

The Forerunner 55 is not only used for outdoor features, but indoor training as well. It counts distance, time, and pace even for Indoor track or treadmill.

 You’ll get the perfect partner in training with its amazing features and can easily set up to use the sport apps for training modules like the Garmin Run Club.


Your Safety in Choosing Indoor Training 

Training indoors provides a safer and more controlled environment that lessens your chance of injury and diseases like Covid 19. Treating your home as a safe place for all your activities, including your training creates a balanced momentum to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

It’s always an important reminder to practice safety even when indoors. Make sure that the place is well ventilated, allowing fresh air to still come through. If you're working out with a partner, make sure that you still follow safety and health protocols regarding social distancing implemented by the government.

Whether your choice is an indoor or outdoor set up, or maybe even both! It’s best when you invest in a Garmin wearable today. 

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