Cat Triviño

#GarminWomen PH Spotlight: Cat Triviño—“Balance means making choices, setting boundaries, and truly enjoying what’s most important to us.”

#GarminWomen PH Spotlight: Cat Triviño—“Balance means making choices, setting boundaries, and truly enjoying what’s most important to us.”


1) When did you start using Garmin? How and why did you start the Garmin journey?

I started using Garmin early 2020 when the DescentMk1 first launched. I wanted an efficient and capable dive watch that looked good. I fell in love with its versatility and almost never take it off!


2) What does #GarminWomen mean for you? How does it feel to be recognized as one of the #GarminWomen?

Being recognized as a Garmin Woman is such a huge honor! I’ve always looked up to the brand and its ambassadors as very innovative, forward-thinking go-getters. A Garmin Woman for me is fearless and also just as tough and versatile as the watch she wears.


3) What would you say is unique about your story in your journey of beating yesterday as a #GarminWoman?

If you know me well, you know I’m not the type that settles. I love constantly pushing my limits and challenging myself to be better, hopefully inspiring others also along the way. I’ve gone through tough mental health challenges, and what’s motivated me to keep going is to know that I am more than capable of beating my limits and being better (mentally, physically, and emotionally) than I was yesterday. It is in this journey where I had found my love for the planet, my mission to protect it, and the peace that I get from each and every descent into the ocean!


4) What is your favorite activity to do? Fitness/wellness related or other activities.

Scuba diving and free diving are my favorite things to do! It’s such a beautiful world to explore. The rest of the days, I make sure I get cardio in the morning and running a few kilometers at night.


5) What’s your advice to other women aspiring to find that work, life, sport/passion balance?

Make time for the other aspects of your life and what will ultimately give you fulfillment, and do it unapologetically. I did not always come from a place of privilege and know that to get anywhere in life meant to hustle every day, but I had burnt myself out to the point where I felt lost and uncertain of who I was beyond my 9-5. Balance doesn’t always mean an equal amount of hours for work and passion: life should be more fluid than that. Balance means making choices, setting boundaries, and truly enjoying what’s most important to us.


6) What do you like most about your Garmin?

It is not just another sports watch. It has empowered and excited me to push myself to beat my own records, allowed me to connect with my friends in a different and equally rewarding way (through challenges and badges especially during lockdown), and is the perfect companion over and under water. :)


7) Please tell us a little more about yourself. (Where you’re from, what you do, what else are you passionate about?)

I’m 29 - raised in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and living in Metro Manila, I had just retired from my corporate job as a Brand Engagement and PR Manager of the country’s top fast food brand to work on my mental health and environmental advocacy full time. I am one of the brilliant female leaders that founded Asia’s innovative mental healthcare organization, MindNation. I’m also a full-time volunteer for environmental and human welfare non-profit organization Planet CORA. I’m also a digital strategist, underwater photographer, jiujitsu practitioner, motivational speaker, and cat mom! I am most passionate about raising awareness towards marine conservation and protection against climate change, promoting a circular economy, mental health care accessibility and affordability, and food security/sustainability.

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