1) When did you start using Garmin? How and why did you start the Garmin journey?

I started using Garmin in 2011. It was during my 2nd year of being a long distance runner. It’s when a foreign friend of ours introduced a GPS watch and my Coach was really amazed knowing that my pace will be seen, the distance will be measured thru GPS and files will be recorded. It was indeed very helpful in the progress of our trainings and indeed very helpful in my running career. Since then, I have been using Garmin and keep updating on its latest models.

2) What does #GarminWomen mean for you? How does it feel to be recognized as one of the #GarminWomen

A #GarminWoman means unique, advanced, elevated, eventful, strong and bold! I am honored to be recognized as one of the #GarminWomen because it’ll mean that I am passionate, strong and fearless!

3) What would you say is unique about your story in your journey of beating yesterday as a #GarminWoman?

I keep upgrading my goals after beating my personal goals then to bigger goals and eventually achieving “every athletes dreams—the Olympics” and I keep on growing and bolder each passing time no matter how many times I fail.

4) What is your favorite activity to do? Fitness/wellness related or other activities.

Running. For me, it’s not just running, it’s the peace, the love, the passion, the drive, the determination. It’s Life. It’s a gift. And I just feel clarity and happiness when I’m running. It’s my form of mental health therapy.

5) What’s your advice to other women aspiring to find that work, life, sport/passion balance?

We all have goals. Whether we term them as “goals” or not, whether big or small, we all have them. Sometimes, we don’t like to admit them to ourselves. Sometimes, we let our insecurities stop us before we even start. Just do it. Stop listening to the critics inside your mind and take the first step, and then take the many little steps along the way.

I found these to be very helpful in achieving goals:

- Write down your goals and be specific.

- Come up with a smaller steps/goals then keep upgrading your goals.

- You’ve got to want it as much as the air you breathe.

- Do something every day that is goal-related. Something is better than nothing.

- Start TODAY, not tomorrow, not next week. Start today! Even the littlest step matters.

- Be persistent and patient at the same time.

6) What do you like most about your Garmin?

I like it because I can keep track on my previous activities which I can review and compare, I also love it for my sleeping time monitoring, my monthly period tracker, I can also count the calories I have burned, and also it’s light and fashionable that you can wear at any time, or during any occasion.

7) Tell us a little more about yourself. 

I am Mary Joy Tabal, from Cebu City. The First Filipino Marathon Olympian. The Six-time National Milo Marathon Queen. The Philippine Marathon and Half-marathon Record Holder. The SEAGAMES Gold & Silver Medalist. The current National Milo Marathon Record Holder. Aside from running, I am also passionate in baking.