Glow-Up Challenge: How to Transform Yourself with Garmin

Glow-Up Challenge: How to Transform Yourself with Garmin

With the Garmin Lily, gone are the days of putting yourself last. It’s time to glow up and not hold back. This petite wearable aims to let women know that taking care of themselves should go first and that they shouldn’t feel guilty about it! It’s a challenge to step up and transform yourself into the best version of you–in all aspects.  Garmin Lily is here to help you live through the steps and see your progress every day.


The Glow-Up Challenge: 

Ever noticed how some women just glow? The kind where it comes from within and you can’t help but say that you want that too. Here’s to the women who want and deserve that glow–you’re about to step into the journey. 

  • Practice owning the process. 

  • Try to be aware from the moment you wake up. We try to be busy in the first phase of our day, jumping fast on the things “we have to do”. But, does it really cost not giving time to yourself to even begin composing, and just saying that you’re in control? Try to step back and indulge yourself in self-care as an activity to reduce stress and enhance your well-being.  
    Be in control by being notified. Prepare for your day with the watch’s weather forecast, suggestions based on your Body Battery level, daily steps goal, menstrual cycle/pregnancy stages, and daily events. Whatever lifestyle you have–Lily is suited for you! 


    The Garmin Lily is built to keep track of your important health stats. Its stylish patterned lens reveals a smart touch-screen display, which isn’t just for fashion but is also designed to make your texts, calendars, and reminders more accessible. 


    When you need to rest or are about to doze off after a day's work, you can monitor your sleeping pattern with Lily and precisely track your every toss and turn, changes in your heart rate, as well as your blood oxygen saturation. With this data in hand, managing your sleep has never been easier. 


    If you get bombarded with tasks throughout the day, stay calm and conquer. You have Lily’s stress tracking features that will remind you to take a break. Not only that but it’s also equipped with a safety and tracking feature that notifies people of your location in case of an emergency. So step back, analyze, schedule, and power yourself with Lily.

  • Maximize its features for your benefits: Work on you.  

    With just a tap, the stylish patterned lens reveals a bright touchscreen display, and when you’re done, the display disappears. With a Garmin wearable in your hand, you get the perfect partner to help you take care of yourself throughout the day. 


  • Work on your fitness goals.  

  • Girl, do you! Achieve the things you are trying to do and be kind to yourself. Loving yourself makes you want to move for greater things. Try doing your best efforts for you. Whatever the task or activity, take it in stride with the Garmin Lily. Enjoy the easy access and convenient reminders with its smart connection features and morning report. Fitness goals? Say no more. Equipped with fitness tracking, Lily tracks steps, calories burned, and intensity minutes. You can switch up your workout routine with activity profiles for yoga, pilates, cardio, mindful breathing, strength training, and more. 



  • Take care of your health. 

  • Health and overall wellness are important. The real glow comes from being able to be responsible for taking care of yourself in all aspects. Lily helps you do that as your smartwatch. It may be a petite watch, but it’s definitely large in features. You can even set up hydration reminders, create goals, and view your history and progress on the Garmin Connect app. You also get to enjoy Lily’s women’s health monitoring feature, pulse ox-sensor, safety tracking feature, and more! Creating simple goals with the help of the Garmin Lily benefits your overall health. When you start realizing and taking action to what makes you progress and grow, that’s when you glow. 


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