Garmin Tactix 7 Pro: Your All-Around Wellness Buddy

Garmin Tactix 7 Pro: Your All-Around Wellness Buddy

Since the pandemic hit, many of us have decided to start building a healthy lifestyle and make wellness a priority in every aspect of our lives. For one, employers have made an effort to pay more attention to their employees’ wellbeing and create a work environment that nourishes rather than causes chaos.

Over the last couple of years, many have become aware that in order to produce meaningful results and build healthy relationships, overall wellness should be prioritized over anything. Some of the activities proposed and practiced since the onslaught of the pandemic include the following:

Walking meetings. Many of us bought treadmills, especially those without handles, just so we can meet our step count goal. We’re on the mill even when we’re in the middle of a meeting, allowing us to stay active and move around while we’re working from home.

Meditation. Since the pandemic began, many became anxious and more stressed due to the rise of the number of those affected all the while dealing with heavy workload. Because of that, we’ve all learned to do some meditation and yoga to relieve ourselves from stress.

Cooking healthy foods. Our body needs the right amount and kind of nourishment to have enough energy to face the day. We’ve learned that cooking healthy foods creates a balance as exercise alone isn’t enough to stay healthy; the food we consume matters too.

Cleaning. Cleaning has been our source of fulfillment at a time when the outside world has become so disorganized and chaotic. Many of us resorted to decluttering and rearranging things to be at peace and feel that we’re still in control. Cleaning has also helped reduce stress as we find peace and stability when we are able to put things in order.

Cardio workouts. Cardio, such as running and jumping, helped us reduce stress and improve our overall health by creating that adrenaline that reduces cortisol (the stress hormone).

Although most of us have learned to put our well-being first, many still question its worth. In this article, we will help you understand why making our well-being a priority makes a difference.

Wellness is the regular practice of activities, choices, and lifestyles that leads to a certain state of being mentally and physically healthy. Wellness isn’t just about nutrition and exercise; its goal is to strike a balance, resulting in a happier, healthier, and less stressful living. By doing wellness activities such as the ones listed above, we improve our performance, both at work and in life in general. 

One of the most recommended activities to achieve wellness, as previously mentioned, is doing cardio workouts, and one great cardiovascular exercise is hunting.

For beginners, hunting can be daunting and difficult, but it offers many benefits including reducing stress and helping you build up skills that you can use every day. Hunting also inspires you to stay active as it requires certain physical attributes and the mental capacity to conquer the field.

Hunting isn’t easy, even for experts, so you need the right tool to do it. One good device to have is the Garmin Tactix 7 Pro.

Tactix 7 Pro is built for the field because one, it works on solar power, allowing it to last for as long as 37 days in smartwatch mode. Two, it has a built-in LED flashlight that you can use at night, and you can stay undetected with its stealth mode and night-vision capability. When in stealth mode, the watch stops storing and sharing your GPS position and disables wireless connectivity and communication to make sure you stay undiscoverable. The Tactix 7 Pro also makes a good partner as you navigate the outdoors with satellite reference and outdoor sensors, making sure you won’t lose your way!

The Tactix 7 Pro also has a feature called Kill Switch, which wipes the devices of all its user memory and the Jumpmaster mode that calculates high-altitude release points according to military guidelines and helps you navigate to your objective once you’ve jumped. Projected Waypoints is a feature that sets and saves your remote geo-positions that can be used later for navigation. It also comes with a hunt activity feature that tracks your hunt and marks hunt-specific waypoints directly on your watch, making it easier to navigate on your next hunting activity. 

But the best thing about the Garmin Tactix 7 Pro is that it is not just built for a specific purpose like hunting. It can also be used for other activities like golf, skiing, and surfing! If you’re planning to go skiing on a snowy mountain, the Tactix 7 Pro’s got you covered with its Backcountry Ski feature that distinguishes skiing and climbing so it can guide you properly whether you’re about to ascend or descend. 

Truly, it is an all-around watch that you can trust no matter the kind of adventure you want to take on. It also has a built-in sports application, HIIT workouts, and up-ahead information you can use to make sure you’re never missing a session! And with its training readiness application, you can easily determine if your body is built for a heavy activity such as skiing, mountain climbing, or swimming or for light workouts at home. 

With the Tactix 7 Pro, you can easily connect to Spotify or any music application for ready access to guided meditations or workout tracks. Also, know more about your body and how it is doing with the wrist-based heart rate and a pulse OX sensor, and track your sleep with sleep score and advanced sleep monitoring.

Whatever sport or adventure you want to challenge yourself to, it is easy to keep track of everything with the Tactix 7 Pro! With Garmin, you can put your wellness first and reach your goals, whether short term or long term.

Work out with Garmin and discover endless fitness possibilities!

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