Women’s Wellness: Simple Workouts for Women with PCOS

Women’s Wellness: Simple Workouts for Women with PCOS

Today, health is one of the things that one should watch out for because modern times are posing a lot of health-related dangers. More so, the ones that are most vulnerable to health conditions and diseases are women. Right now, an ongoing rise in the number of polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS cases has been recorded from last 2021 up to present and it is increasing at an alarming rate. PCOS is a condition where cysts grow on the ovaries, preventing the patient from having regular menstrual cycles and causing them to bleed irregular amounts. 

As of 2021, there are around 116 million women suffering from PCOS worldwide. This means that about 1 in 10 women is suffering from PCOS, and the alarming fact about this is that it's just the amount of recorded cases. In the past decade, it is said to have increased according to a study. 

With PCOS, health becomes compromised severely. Hormonal balance will cause you to gain weight even when you eat less. Stress levels are through the roof, and it damages your self-confidence. An intensive diet is often required if you want to shed the extra pounds. And while this can happen to anyone, a good number of those affected by it are women who are busy with school or working a 9 to 5—which means exercising and working out will be an issue.  

With that said, here are some quick workouts and tips to help women with PCOS maintain their health. 

Make time for some stretching

Stretching your body is a way to prime it into doing workouts—and is in itself a quick sweat-inducing exercise that takes up a very small portion of your day. Stretching also makes your joints and muscles “activated” for the rest of the day, which is something that you’d want early on in the morning. 

Switch from white rice to brown rice

Rice is a big part of everyone’s diet since we’ve been all eating this carbohydrates-filled food ever since we were young. But white rice contains a huge amount of calories that can increase the rate of your weight gain. Gaining weight when diagnosed with PCOS is pretty common, but losing weight and keeping a healthy diet can help reduce its effects including hormonal imbalance. Switching to brown rice is a huge step in your diet since it has less calories and added nutrients compared to white rice. It will have significant effects on you as time goes by and will definitely help in your weight-reduction journey. 

Do not count your calories; rather, eat healthier foods

This tip works for different sets of people, but counting your calorie intake can cause eating problems and disorders rather than help you manage it. Keeping tabs on your daily intake of food is what you should do as this is much easier and will often give you motivation for the day. Remember, do not count how much calories you get from every food you eat, just make sure that you eat less unhealthy foods and more on the foods that are good for you. 

Do a 15-minute full-body workout

As the name suggests, full-body workouts are simple workouts that target your whole body instead of just some parts of it. For example, three sets of jumping jacks every day can give you a good head-start, and it is also a nice exercise if your schedules are tight. Some hobbies are also considered full-body workouts, like archery, rope skipping, and even chores like house cleaning.  

Hydrate often

Hydrating your body is one of the surefire ways to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Making sure that there are ample amounts of water in your body is enough to keep you healthy, physically and mentally. Not only does it help you detoxify, but it can also bring out smoother skin—PCOS patients often experience breakouts. Keeping your body well hydrated can also help in flushing out toxins. 

Track your health wisely

Women with PCOS often forget to track their health regularly—this may be caused by increasing stress levels and the overall deterioration of mental health due to other circumstances—so it is wise to have something that does it for you. The Garmin Lily is a smartwatch that will help you keep track of your health status—from your stress levels to your workout duration and process. Other sporty smartwatches would not match your OOTD, but Garmin Lily’s aesthetics will surely go along with your favorite clothes. On the other hand, Garmin Lily provides you with your needed information to track your health stats such as your menstrual cycle, hydration, blood oxygen saturation, stress, and your heart rate.  

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