Urban Survival: Things to Know and Skills to Master

Urban Survival: Things to Know and Skills to Master

In today’s time, living in the metro can be really convenient, whether you are there for work or for school. Cities are often peppered with huge buildings and establishments that are meant to give the people living in the so-called concrete jungle the luxuries that best suit them. However, there is one thing that cities are also known for—its very own set of dangers. 

Most of us lived and grew in the urban areas, or maybe suburban, but a lot of us hailed from the provinces and were just pushed to relocate and live the city life. Getting tangled in urban life is surely a shock to some, but it is an understandable fact since the way of living in cities is totally different from how it is in provinces. 

All places have their own charms and dangers, but today we will be specific about survival tips that you might need when you are in urban areas. Here are some tips that might help you, one way or another.  

Always check your phone’s signal strength

Your phone is one of your lifelines, whether you are in the cities or the woods, so you have to constantly check your mobile phone’s signal strength when you are going to stay at a place for a while. This includes your mobile data’s strength too. Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, so it is crucial that you are able to call your loved ones or notify them about what happened and what you
think is going to happen. 

Carry a full powerbank and a cord

Again, your mobile phone is your best weapon, so you better have it charged up to 100% before you leave home. But if you think that this trip you are about to go to will take longer than usual, it is best to prepare a full powerbank and a cord. Nowadays, charging devices can house enough power to fully charge your phone thrice, so always ensure that it is on you. 

Bring a flashlight

When the night time comes, the city can be extremely dark with only a few street lamps, cars, and establishments lighting up the sidewalk, so make sure that you have a flashlight on you. This is going to be a special item for you, so it is totally up to you if bringing one is the wise thing to do, but it is advisable to have at least one especially if you live in darker areas. Most crimes also happen in the dark, so having a portable darkness remover is quite a good investment, plus if your flashlight has a strobe light mode, it can blind your attackers and signal nearby people. 

Keep a friend in contact

Traversing the cities alone can sometimes be peaceful, but keeping a friend in close contact or quick contacts on your phone is something that you should do. People that are alone are often a target of crimes, so it is best to always have someone to accompany you or a quick contact you can reach when you feel like something is amiss. Most of the time, you can also just be with the crowd as it is much safer than being alone—just be careful with your belongings. 

Know where the CCTVs are

Closed-circuit televisions or CCTVs are something that you should always utilize. When entering establishments or roads, always look out for CCTVs and make sure that you are visible in their lens. This is because when the worst comes to worst and you become a victim of a crime or get targeted by evildoers, the cameras will be able to record the whole incident and may even bring light to the identity of the offender. Make sure that the CCTV is on by checking for red blinking lights, sometimes a stable light. 

Have an emergency hotline cheat sheet

Local police and authorities such as firefighters often have their own local numbers and hotlines that you can call when you need them. Make sure that you have a cheat sheet or a note where those hotlines are written legibly so that when the time comes that you need them, you can easily contact them.

And lastly,

Always monitor yourself

Surviving anywhere requires you to monitor yourself in the most intricate way possible, so having a device that does that for you is an extreme plus on your side.

The Vivomove 5 is a simplistic yet extremely functional smartwatch that lets you monitor your own heart rate, hydration, energy, and even your overall fitness. By knowing these details, it gives you the freedom to decide when to go home—which is a crucial part of surviving in urban areas. Vivomove 5 is also a smartwatch, so it doubles as your basic phone that can receive notifications, play music, and track your location via GPS. 


Your overall weapon when it comes to living in the cities is situational awareness. If you know what is happening around you and with your body, it gives you the additional options to make good judgments in certain situations. There are tools that will always help you like a handy flashlight and your Vivomove 5, but the best tool of all is your own knowledge. 

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