Take Charge of Your Health: Introducing Vivosmart 5

Take Charge of Your Health: Introducing Vivosmart 5
With the increasing popularity of advanced gadgets, smartwatches are becoming more and more loved by the masses. Due to the large market, more companies are motivated to create smartwatches that can cater to the everyday needs of its users. But one may wonder, what is so important and attractive about smartwatches?

For those who have not experienced the full potential of a smartwatch, they might think that with smartphones and digital advances, these devices are obsolete and irrelevant. Some even think that wearing a watch is for the sole purpose of completing our everyday look. And this type of thinking leads us to one question: What can a smartwatch offer and how can it help me?

Garmin, one of the major players in the smartwatch industry, recently launched their 5th model of the Vivosmart Fitness Tracker series. Being one of the frontrunners in the tech industry, Garmin’s main goal is to provide its users the ease and comfort of tracking their health statistics as well as offer maximum enjoyment as they explore new adventures and fitness activities.


The Vivosmart 5 advanced fitness tracker is made better than ever with a bigger screen, measuring 10.5 mm x 18.5 mm, as compared to the Vivosmart 4’s 6.6 mm x 17.7 mm. Now it also comes with a physical button you can use to easily return to home screens and menus.

Designed with a swappable silicone strap, OLED display, and up to 7 days of battery life, this small but powerful fitness tracker is a sure must-have for all fitness junkies as well as those who want to kickstart an active lifestyle.
New features unlocked

Abnormal heart rate alerts

The Vivosmart 5 introduces a new feature that sends alerts to its users if it detects abnormal heart rate. Not only does it tell you your current heart rate data, but it also signals you on whether the heart rate is found to be way up high or way too low during the resting period. 

Personal safety features

This advanced fitness tracker also boasts personal safety features. Pushing the physical button for a few seconds will trigger an assistance alert to assigned emergency contacts. The only thing left to do is to connect it to your smartphone, and when the smartwatch detects any incident during selected outdoor activities, its system sends a message and live location information to emergency contacts.

Swappable bands

Purchasing the Vivosmart 5 also gives its users the benefit of switching the bands to designs they would prefer. Users can now mix and match their style with Garmin’s band accessories. This feature may be small for others, but purchasing a watch with only one design could be challenging especially for those who tend to mix up their preferences from time to time. With the Vivosmart 5, people can choose a style they would want to wear without purchasing a new smartwatch.

Aside from the features unlocked with this new fitness tracker, the Vivosmart 5 also comes with multiple lifestyle features that Garmin offers to its users through most of their wearables and devices.

It is preloaded with a number of sports apps you can choose from day by day and boasts consistent all-day health monitoring of body battery, sleep scores, and stress levels. It also gives you data on how much calories you’ve burned and more. A reliable connected GPS is also embedded in this fitness tracker, allowing you to get accurate tracking during outdoor walks, rides, and runs.

With the latest Vivosmart 5 advanced fitness tracker, you can now wear health as your everyday look and practice it as your lifestyle. It connects you to what matters the most and keeps you fit and healthy for the better days to come. So for all those who are trying to adopt an active lifestyle, the Vivosmart 5 is your perfect go-to fitness tracker! 

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