Run the World: How Running Boosts Your Overall Health

Run the World: How Running Boosts Your Overall Health

We, as a tradition of some sort, often wish for ourselves to get better and be fitter than we were yesterday. Although most of us did get better at maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, some of us are left behind after working out constantly for a month then stopping and not doing any exercise for the remainder of the year. And then we tell ourselves that maybe it would be different the next year or the year after, that maybe now is just not the right moment.

However, is there really some sort of conspiracy behind us not being able to achieve our fitness goals or are we the sole reason that we cannot make getting fit a habit because of workloads, deadlines, and the long hours of commute to and from work? 

For starters, staying fit does not necessarily mean going to the gym and trying every single piece of equipment available there. It is more about staying active and having a routine, whether it’s a ten-minute walk or a five-minute run around the neighborhood. Running is one of the most sought-after cardio exercises because it does not only keep us active, but it also makes our heart active and healthy, our skin healthier and brighter, and our internal organs alive and kicking. Many of us would want that kind of lifestyle, but the beginning could be brutal. It’s nothing compared to frolicking around the field or running past the corridor when we’re late for classes or for work. However, running, in the long run, is enigmatic, it is engaging, and it is the ultimate exercise considered by most professionals.

Running significantly impacts our life because it improves our overall health—physical, internal, and mental. It improves how we pace ourselves and how we run our daily lives. Moreover, running builds up our strength because it keeps our bones stronger, making it a good way to improve our knees and lessen the much-dreaded back pain. It also reduces stress and alleviates symptoms of depression as it is meditative, a form of release of negative energy, and provides a sense of freedom. In addition, running helps young people sleep better, improves their mood, and boosts their ability to focus on their tasks. It also improves our minds to fight against age-related cognitive decline.

Given these benefits and reasons to start running, we begin gradually and that is through preparing all the essentials. One of the must-have items for running is a reliable smartwatch. Your best option? The Garmin Instinct 2 Solar-Powered GPS Smartwatch. The Instinct 2 will be your buddy in any form of sports you want to take on and in any runs you want to do, all day, all night.

Run by Garmin’s next-generation solar technology, the Instinct 2 has a solar-charging power glass watch lens that is now 30% greater than its predecessors. Through this, users will be able to enjoy unlimited power. This also has a power manager mode where it monitors the power usage of different sensors and toggles on or off in real time to extend the watch’s battery life.

Feeling a bit adventurous and wanting to wander across the vast coldness of the Himalayas? Or maybe at some place where heat is the enemy? Garmin Instinct 2 Solar will not call defeat, because it has been tested for toughness, wherever and whenever. If your instinct is telling you that you’re lost at the moment, Garmin Instinct 2 is at your service! Using its multi-satellite positioning, it can keep track of wherever you are to avoid longer detours and take you back if you forget where you are. 

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar will also help you outdoors, especially if you’re going to run for the next couple of hours or minutes. It will help you track down the weather, the heat, and the air pressure, especially if there’s a storm coming. Another impressive feature of this smartwatch is that it helps you master any kind of sports you’re interested in or are already doing, with its over 30 sports applications. It also shows your maximum oxygen absorption with its VO2 Max that provides you how your physical condition is–before, during, and after–as you exercise. Since Garmin Instinct 2 Solar is also waterproof, catch the waves with its surf spot and tide info providing you the necessary data on when is the best time to surf away. 

Running isn't just about taking a mile or two every single day but how you handle situations around you, whether you are late and running along the corridor, frolicking over the fields, or simply running in place since you can’t go outdoors. Running is beneficial not only for the sake of running but for trying out other activities such as swimming, tennis, or playing badminton. The expertise of Garmin Instinct 2 Solar is beside you in every tap of your finger. And it can monitor your health 24/7! Neat, right? 

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar is not just your ordinary smartwatch. It offers more than what it looks and serves. With its visually pleasing design, you can wear it with any casual and sports or athleisure wear. It goes well with any street fashion too and boasts a functionality that goes beyond everything an ordinary smartwatch can do.

It’s time to invest in a smartwatch that you can trust. Invest in Garmin.

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