Practicing Self-Care Every Day with Garmin


Have you ever felt like you're just going through the motions, and all you want is to have the time to take a breather, feel like you're in control, and not let stress, work, or the current situation overwhelm you? We are made to believe that self-care should be done in just a certain period when the truth is, it should be all the time.


I know what’s on your mind. That’s impossible. I could just wait until everything I need to do is done, then I can do self-care, or How? I’ve got all this work to do first before I can take care of myself.


That way of thinking has to change.


With Garmin Lily, gone are the days when self-care comes last. This chic wearable aims to let women know that taking care of themselves should go first. It should be done 24/7. Garmin Lily is here to help you look after yourself with just a few taps and with the help of its amazing features including important reminders and tracking.





Practicing Self-Care with Garmin Lily


What is self-care? 

Self-care is an activity we engage in to reduce stress and enhance our well-being. It covers eight areas including physical, psychological, emotional, social, professional, environmental, spiritual, and financial—which are all connected. Practicing self-care doesn’t just mean foot soaks and warm bubbly baths with a wine in hand. It’s about working on every aspect to make yourself better each day.


How Does Garmin Lily Help? 

Garmin Lily is a petite classic watch case made for women. It’s built to keep track of your important health stats. Its stylish patterned lens reveals a smart touch-screen display, which is clearly not just for fashion but is also designed to make your texts, calendars, and reminders more accessible. 


How to take care of your physical, psychological, and emotional self-care. 

Be prepared and composed, no matter how busy you are. 


In the morning, prepare for your day with the watch’s weather forecast, thoughtful reminders to bring your umbrella, suggestions based on your Body Battery level, daily steps goal, menstrual cycle/pregnancy stages, and daily events. Whether you are a busy mom, a carefree teen, or a girl boss, Lily is suited for you! 


But Garmin Lily’s amazing benefits don’t stop there.


When you need a rest or are about to doze off after a day's work, you can monitor your sleeping pattern with Lily and precisely track your every toss and turn, changes in your heart rate, as well as your blood oxygen saturation. With this data in hand, managing your sleep has never been easier. 


How to take care of your social, professional, and environmental self-care. 

With a bright and clear display and synced mobile phone notifications, you can keep up with all your incoming messages. What’s more, with up to five days of battery life, Lily can help you through a whole work week on a single charge. 


If you get bombarded with tasks throughout the day, stay calm and conquer. You have Lily’s stress tracking features that will remind you to take a break. Not only that but it’s also equipped with a safety and tracking feature that notifies people of your location in case of an emergency. So step back, analyze, schedule, and power yourself with Lily.


Practice self-care with Garmin Lily and beat yesterday.

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