One Day to Day One: Start Your Fitness Journey with Gamin

One Day to Day One: Start Your Fitness Journey with Gamin







The greatest athletes of all time didn't earn their title and incredible skills without ever having the courage to lift their first weight, run their first mile, build their first routine, swim their first lap, and dare to act on their first thought to commit to health and fitness.

Like you, they also felt that rush of excitement and a pit on the stomach, confused as to where to start. It's the truth. Everyone feels muddled about where to begin. 

When it comes to entering the health and fitness world, we have this tendency to be overwhelmed and adopt the "one-day" mindset. "I'll definitely have abs one day.” “I'll definitely make running my routine one day.” “I'll bike more and be in sports one day."

Sounds familiar? Starting your fitness journey can be really tough. But the only way to break through that is to actually start. Turn one day into day one.


Starting Your Fitness Journey with Garmin: 


  1. Set your objective. 

This isn't about listing down some random goal or destination. This is setting the path for a healthier lifestyle by knowing your whys. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to immerse yourself in cardio and strength training? Why do you want to be bulk? Asking yourself the "what" part is easy; it paints a picture of a version of you that you aspire to become. But it's an external motivator. You need something intrinsic. It's knowing your why that makes you move forward, no matter how tough it gets. It's what puts you in a state of continuous progress. Or the journey itself. 

Determining your whys is the first step of your fitness journey. Want to grow old and strong? Want to radically change your health condition by starting a balanced lifestyle? Whatever your reason is, that’s what you need to begin and that’s what you will need to keep going. 

  1. Prepare. 

You’ve taken the dip; it’s time to go deeper. The journey to fitness is a lifelong commitment, so it pays to be geared up. Do your own research on the best workout apparel, activities, lifestyle, routine, etc. and invest in them. You don’t have to get all these prepared on the first day, but know that having these tools will help keep you motivated, so take the time to have them all ready.

If you are in search of a premium brand that has the tools you need for your journey, Garmin’s got you covered. Garmin believes that through science and technology, anyone who wants to be healthy, professionals and beginners alike, can have the perfect fitness buddy that they can rely on as they try to reach their goals—in the form of a smartwatch.

If you’re a beginner, Garmin offers Forerunner 245, a running smartwatch that will equip you for a smarter and more efficient training through its health-monitoring features and sports apps. Imagine starting your day with the best fitness buddy on your wrist! Forerunner 245  tracks your stats, crunches the numbers, and gathers all data on your performance, your running form, your training, and even your goals. 

What better way to prepare for your journey than having the ultimate fitness partner on your wrist? You can monitor your training and see if you’re fully owning it or just overdoing it. Prep for your activities like a boss!


  1. Educate yourself and be guided.  

It’s a journey of learning and using everything that you have learned to make the right choices. You should know your body to match the activities and pacing you're gonna set for yourself. Do some research on proper nutrition and educate yourself about your own health. By doing so, you will know what your next steps should be.

And of course, Garmin is here to help. Every Garmin product is equipped with features that are ready to take on every challenge with you. With apps like Garmin Connect, you can view, share, and learn more about your health stats so you know what works for you and what doesn’t. The Garmin FR245’s features aim to give its owner all the pieces of information they need to understand their body better. 


  1. Start.

This is the moment of truth. If you really want it, do it. Start running today or set up a good workout routine. Make it a habit to start your day with a glass of water. Set an alarm and wake up on time. Pull yourself out of bed. Start prepping your gears and your outfit. Clear your mind and do some warm-ups. Make a list of what you want to accomplish that day and achieve them one by one! Before you know it, day one of your journey is over and it’s been very productive!


  1. Celebrate your progress. 

Most people start their fitness journey with much enthusiasm but later find themselves stuck or losing interest. Maybe it’s because of the lack of motivation? Or patience to see their progress?

Garmin knows that the road to fitness is long and bumpy, that it will take some time to get to where you want to be and to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. But Garmin also wants to remind you that every amount of progress, no matter how small, counts. So don’t forget to celebrate the smallest steps and rejoice over the littlest victories. Bask in the happiness they give.

Take a full dive into the sea of greatness and start your fitness journey today. Commit to a healthy lifestyle and live better with the help of Garmin.


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