How to Stay Fit Without Hitting the Gym

How to Stay Fit Without Hitting the Gym


You can stay fit and healthy and not hit the gym. Now that’s not really dropping a bomb. It’s a known fact. While gyms are a great monastery for the adrenaline and pumped-up workout junkies, any place with enough space and air to breathe is just as good as the gyms that require you to pay a big sum in exchange for a place to work out and some equipment to do it with.

How do you stay fit without hitting the gym? 

Busy? Workaholic? Have a lot of engagements to attend to? Cannot find a schedule that’s convenient? Worry not! We have the perfect solution for you.

Here are ways to stay fit without having to go to the gym:   

  • Incorporate your interests into your routine. 

Let’s say your interest is basketball. You can build a sports court in your yard and plan a game with your closest friends at least once a week. Being more active helps you stay fit!

  • Go on walks.

Walking is underrated. It doesn’t matter if it's morning, afternoon, or evening walk. Walking is better than no workout at all. If you feel like brisk walking or jogging, go ahead! If you’re going to work or out to grab some snacks, walk! If you’re taking a call, you can start strolling while on the phone.

  • Invest in basic home exercise equipment.

An exercise mat goes a long way. Investing in some of the basic workout tools will do wonders. If you don’t have the budget, go DIY! The most important element of physical fitness is your commitment towards it. 

  • Rest.

After a long and busy day, what your body needs is rest. Resting restores your energy and even enhances your productivity. 

  • Eat healthy. 

At the end of the day, it’s 80% food nutrition and 20% workout. Your efforts to stay active to be physically fit will just go to waste if not paired with good nutrition. Make the effort to get a well-balanced meal every day!  

How do you stay fit with the Vivomove Sport?

Modern technology has made a lot of things possible, and one of them is staying fit without going to the gym. This technological advancement comes in the form of the Vivomove Sport.

This smartwatch is equipped with a full range of features tailored for those who seek a fashionable way to stay connected while tracking their health and fitness. It’s the perfect fitness partner to have if you’re not a fan of working out at the gym. 

Here are just some of the best features of the Vivomove Sport:



See your body’s energy levels throughout the day so you can determine the best times for activity and rest.



The watch constantly samples your heart rate and will alert you if it stays too high or too low while you’re at rest. It also helps you gauge how hard you work during activities, even while swimming.



Use the Pulse Ox sensor to spot-check your blood oxygen saturation at any point during the day, or for part of the night as you sleep, to show how well your body is absorbing oxygen.



Find out if you’re having a calm, balanced, or stressful day. Relax reminders will even prompt you to do a short breathing activity when the watch detects that you’re feeling stressed.



When you want to relax or focus, you can start a breathwork activity, and this watch will track your stress and respiration to help you get a better understanding of how you’re breathing.



Use the Garmin connect app to track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Log symptoms, get exercise and nutrition education, and more. Even see and log details on your wrist.



Log your daily fluid intake as a reminder to stay hydrated. You can even have an auto goal for hydration that adjusts based on how much you sweat during activities.



See how you’re breathing throughout the day, during sleep, during breathwork, and yoga activities.



Get a full picture of how you’re sleeping, with a breakdown of your light, deep, and REM sleep stages as well as Pulse Ox and respiration data.



Connect to your compatible smartphone’s GPS so you can get accurate tracking during outdoor walks, rides, and runs.



This feature uses chronological age, your weekly vigorous activity, resting heart rate, and BMI or body fat percentage to estimate if your body is younger or older than you are. And you can get tips to lower your fitness age.



We’ve updated our intensity minutes feature to give you a better idea of when during the day you earned them and during what activity.



Switch up your workout routine with activity profiles for yoga, strength, cardio, pool swimming, and more.



While you get out and about, Vívomove Sport tracks steps, calories, intensity minutes, and more. Even sync data across multiple Garmin smartwatches.



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