How To Start Running

How To Start Running

Running may seem like a far-fetched goal for people who want to start making an effort to have a healthy routine but think that it could be overwhelming to begin. How do you start running effectively? How do you incorporate running as an activity and gain all its benefits? Am I even qualified to run? Is it for me? You might have these thoughts and don’t worry, it’s normal for you to ask yourself this when deciding on an activity to stay committed to. 

Running is for everyone, but it could look different for every type of person. Others might be able to run every day, some during the weekends. Some people might want to opt for indoor running on a treadmill, while others might find the outdoors more appealing. If you are someone who wants to begin running and gain full confidence in this activity, keep on reading! It’s gonna be worth it. 

Step 1: Know Your Body and your goal. 

We have different strengths and weaknesses, schedules, health conditions, and fitness goals, therefore it’s important that we know ourselves and our body's capability before diving headfirst into running. If you are someone with a health condition please consult with your doctor to guide you for any precautions. 

Knowing your body and your goal will give you a headstart. You can create a schedule for you to accomplish your running the way you want. Make small goals for you to accomplish daily or weekly to create progress. An example could be a set number of laps, duration of time, speed, routine, and more. 

Step 2: Have the right equipment and clothing.

Being equipped and wearing the right outfit for running is important, not only does it give you confidence and great style, it pushes you for better performance, making your run productive and successful.

Garmin has a Forerunner series of smartwatches that’s perfect to help you gear up in your next run. It has health monitoring features, the Garmin connect app to track your progress, as well as smart notification features, and workout apps to help you maximize and work on your health and wellness goals. 

Having the right equipment not only helps you in the present, but it sets you for a progressive journey in your overall wellness. 

Step 3: Know The Basics. 


There are a few important points to consider when preparing to go running. Before you start running, make sure to start with some dynamic warm-ups to get your body ready. It’s good to stretch and move around before you start to keep your blood pumping. 

Pace Yourself

Pacing! Remember, it’s not always about speed. Make sure that when you run, you are pacing yourself slowly but surely to the speed you are capable of. It’s good to have a progressive goal for it, as long as you practice responsibly. 

Cool Down

After running, make sure to cool down. Walk it out, shake, and stretch your muscles. Your quads, hamstrings, calf, and whole legs might be tight. It’s good to always have a 5-10 minute cool down to rest slowly. 

Running is definitely a fun and worthwhile activity. Its benefits are rewarding. You feel good, strong, productive, and healthy. A good deal right? So, why not start now? And why not with Garmin?

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