Garmin Women PH Spotlight: Precious Que–“You have to take time to make time.”

Garmin Women PH Spotlight: Precious Que–“You have to take time to make time.”

1) When did you start using Garmin? How and why did you start the Garmin journey?

My Garmin journey started back in 2019, when we partnered with them to lead the Garmin Running Club in BGC. Since then, a lot of people are asking me about how helpful it is to have a sports watch, and even asking recommendations on which model to get.


2) What does #GarminWomen mean for you? How does it feel to be recognized as one of the #GarminWomen?

Being a Garmin Woman for me is to be able to embody the identity and the values of the brand. And being recognized as one, I feel honored that people believe that I can be someone that represents a brand in a positive light.


3) What would you say is unique about your story in your journey of beating yesterday as a #GarminWoman?

I think it’s more of exploring myself, like stepping out of my comfort zone to be open to try things such as yoga, pound, juijitsu, ballet, barre and many more to come to be able to continuously beat yesterday.


4) What is your favorite activity to do? Fitness/wellness related or other activities will be fine. 

Currently (amidst the pandemic), my favorite activities are HIIT and Bodyweight Strengthening workouts with my friends.


5) What’s your advice to other women aspiring to find that work, life, sport/passion balance? 

My advice would be that you have to take time to make time. Meaning, you need to take a moment to manage your time, have a calendar or a to-do list to set your priorities – work hours, family time and “me” time including your workout/exercises. Having a healthy body promotes a fresh mind, and that helps us function better and complete our tasks in less time.


6) What do you like most about your Garmin?

I actually have two Garmin watches, Venu and Forerunner 245 Music. With Venu, what I like the most about this is it has a period tracker, perfect for women with its sleek and stylish design. And with the Forerunner 245 Music, I like the training effect feature of it. As an athlete and coach, I like looking at the performance data so I would know what I need to adjust or improve.


7) Please tell us a little more about yourself. (Where you're from, what you do, what else are you passionate about?)

I grew up in the district of Tondo, Manila. I am a former track and field athlete, and my deep love for the sport paved the way for me to become an assistant coach and eventually pursue fitness training and personal coaching. My passion is to share my knowledge and experiences to help others become better and stronger versions of themselves. When I’m off the fitness track, I devote my time as a sales manager and an entrepreneur.

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