Body and Beyond: How Garmin Empowers Women to Achieve Their Full Potential

Body and Beyond: How Garmin Empowers Women to Achieve Their Full Potential

Mother, sister, daughter, and wife—these are just some of the countless roles a woman plays in her everyday life. Since the beginning of time, based on certain religious accounts, Eve, the heroine of the creation story, takes on the role of being the companion of the first-ever man and becomes the mother to his children. Even before, the role of women in society has been predetermined and established—they are to be the partners of men in creating and nurturing a family.

But if you come to think of it, there seems to be something problematic and lacking in this narrative. Yes, women are the nurturers of the family because in the first place, they are the ones who give birth. But it seems that people took things quite seriously when they decided to label women as the other half that stays at home and takes care of the family.

For the past years, a societal expectation has been set that has limited women in terms of what they are only allowed to do. When we think of professions like CEO, lawyer, scientist, or even military officer, what kind of picture comes to mind? Evidently, most would say they picture out a man doing all these things. This type of logic has been normalized and conditioned the younger generation into believing that a woman cannot take on certain roles for the very reason that they are just women.

Additionally, pursuing a career while being a mother is frowned upon, and women who refuse to be mothers in order to pursue the careers that they want are met with criticisms. As a result, more and more young girls get discouraged to dream big and are forced to settle for what is acceptable; that is, being a housewife.

Women pursuing careers
We always hear people say boys are better at subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math; whereas girls are viewed to be better at creative subjects such as art and drama because of women’s tendency to be more sensitive. These kinds of views can harm the confidence of young girls and perhaps misdirect their ambition to pursue what they really want to do when they grow up. 

That is why every action taken towards reducing gender stereotypes in the media and society will help encourage these girls to pursue their interests in traditionally male-orientated careers. These perceptions or biases need to change to enable more girls to grow up to be confident women who can reach their full potential in any field. When women get to live safe, fulfilled, and productive lives, they can reach their full potential. They can contribute their outstanding skills to the workforce efficiently while being the best nurturers they can be for their families.

How Garmin can help you achieve your full potential

Let’s admit it, being a woman is hard! With society putting pressure on women to maintain a happy family, juggling between work and being a mother and a partner becomes too much to handle. As a woman, taking on these multiple challenging roles requires you to be as healthy as you can be.

That is why the Garmin Lily smartwatch is the perfect partner in maintaining a work and life balance. Lily is a powerful smartwatch that comes in a feminine design and has smart features that encompass strength and perseverance.

It offers multiple health tracking features that make sure you are on top of your health as you take on the countless roles a strong woman plays in society. The Garmin Lily smartwatch is here to make a statement—that women in today's era can take care of themselves fully. Like the Lily smartwatch, a woman has multiple features to offer the world and that is what makes them strong enough to face the challenges of tomorrow. 

So to all the ladies out there, embrace your femininity, and together with the Lily smartwatch, break the barriers and emerge victorious in disproving the belief that “a woman can only do so much.” With the help of the Garmin Lily smartwatch, achieve your full potential, pursue the things that you want to do, and show them that a woman is more than her body.

Achieve the impossible and break the chains of limits with Garmin!

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