All the Fitness Trends You Need to Know

All the Fitness Trends You Need to Know

With COVID-19 still around and affecting our day-to-day activities, we have to be smart and find a way to continue our fitness journey while keeping ourselves safe from the virus. We stay active and unstoppable in our efforts to be healthier and stronger while observing safety measures and being more open to new information. With the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, new fitness trends have arisen. The start of another year has paved the way for fresh takes on staying healthy and fit. Here are some you might want to try yourself. 

  • Nature Trips


Some cities and provinces in our country have started opening their doors again after being forced to lock their borders for some time due to the spread of the virus. Tourism is expected to boom again, although restrictions are still in place for everybody’s compliance and protection. With this improvement, people have opted to go on nature trips to relax and reenergize. They often go in small groups, with family and friends, on beach trips and try diving, swimming, and surfing or go on hikes, conquer trails, or bike around the area. Sometimes, taking some time away from the city is all that we need. 

Nature travels are good for rejuvenating and getting some fresh air and sunlight, away from the overcrowded, polluted, and busy metro.

If you are in search of a device that will help you keep your health in check while on a trip, then the newly launched Garmin Fenix 7 is the smartwatch for you. This multisport GPS watch is packed with features that are perfect for outdoor activities and boasts an outstanding 7-day-a-week wearability. With this device, you can track all your health stats and progress during activities.


  • Virtual Workout Classes and Workshops

Joining virtual workout classes and workshops for yoga, HIIT, cardio, and the like with a group of people keeps you motivated to do your best. Most of these classes come free, although a good number of them still require a registration fee. When choosing which class to enroll in, go for the one that actually interests you and has people that will motivate you to keep going despite the challenges. You can also invite a friend to do it with you. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out our growing Garmin community, which offers virtual classes and events you can join. You can subscribe to our newsletter and Viber group to get updated on these events.

During classes, the Fenix 7 comes handy as well. It is equipped with different fitness apps and allows you to listen to music while you’re working your muscles and burning calories. Be in control and monitor your progress with the data and metrics your smartwatch provides. Train smarter and harder with Garmin.

  • Biking

You’ve probably seen it on social media, with at least five out of every ten stories you find on your feed being about people going on adrenaline-inducing bike rides. They go on different trails and roads from early morning until nighttime. Not only is biking back on the trend, it’s actually a pretty safe activity to do as it requires you to maintain a significant distance from other riders and gives you enough space to breathe. Biking is also a good cardiovascular sport as it works your heart and lungs while getting your legs toned.

So this is your cue to unchain your old bike and gear up for an adventure. The Fenix 7 makes a great biking partner with its multi-GNSS support and UP Ahead features that notify you of checkpoints ahead of time. With it, you can also check your stats, hydration, respiration, and more to see how you’re doing.


  • Hiking 

It’s one of the best activities to do when you want to take a break from working round the clock and assess all aspects of your health—mind, body, and soul. Hiking is for the working and busy people who want to start or restart their fitness journey without having to push themselves too hard. It’s more like an adventure! 

Most places in Batangas are now open, welcoming small groups of people to try their trails. It’s truly worth the sweat once you’re able to go all the way to the top and see the breathtaking sceneries and the path you took to get there. It’s a great workout activity because it works all your joints and burns lots of fats and calories.

The duration of the hike depends on the trail you are taking. Most people do it for hours, while it takes some longer than that. There are those who choose to camp out and hike for days. When going out for a hike, don’t forget to strap the Fenix 7 smartwatch on to enjoy its Climbpro feature, which allows you to be better aware of your course. It also has the real-time stamina tool and recovery advisor, which are both useful during the entire hike.  

  • Swimming 

Sand on your feet, waves reaching up to you—this is the real deal. Most people have now gone back to swimming and diving. This pandemic has unexpectedly made us love and crave nature more, and the increase in the number of people itching to go for a swim has proven that true.

According to some studies, being outside and enjoying the wonders of nature has positive effects on our health. We are happier and more active when we are at one with nature. That’s why incorporating nature into our journey to fitness—swimming, snorkeling, diving, and more— proves to be a good way to achieve our health goals.


The trends may change over time, or maybe we'll just get to rediscover the benefits and joy brought by these activities. Either way, it is important that we make our health our priority. Go on adventures, take on different challenges, and never let anything hold you back from achieving your goals. 

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