Tips for a Safer and More Enjoyable Run in the Rain

Tips for a Safer and More Enjoyable Run in the Rain

Running is both a hobby and a workout enjoyed by people around the world. Not only does it help you reach different places, but it can also be a fun and amazing way to stay fit and healthy. But as you do your daily running activity, the weather can become very unpredictable. There are of course going to be days where you leave your house with the sun blazing but after a mile into your run, rain starts to pour. 

Most of us immediately take shelter and cease our running workout because of the rain. While it is true that continuing your workout run in rainy weather can be dangerous, there are of course ways on how you can turn those rainy days into a fun outdoor running activity while ensuring your utmost safety. In this article, you will find several tips for staying safe while running in the rain. 

But before we go into details, you have to also note that there are limitations to when you can only run in the rain. When the weather already involves typhoons, heavy winds, and thunderstorms, avoid running outside at all costs. Storms can result in flying debris and lightning that make it unsafe to run outside. Seek shelter if you do get caught running in a storm and do whatever means necessary to reach your home.

Now onto the tips.

Avoid wearing cotton

Cotton absorbs water, which means that when you get wet, which you definitely will, your cotton clothes will hang onto all that water and create a generally soggy experience. Not only that, but you will also be more prone to chafing due to the wet fabric rubbing against your skin for a long period. Additionally, cotton, when soaked in rainwater, will make you feel colder.

Dri-fit clothes and polyester have thermal properties even when soaked, making them a warmer, all-around better fabric choice for running in the rain. As the saying goes, there’s no bad weather, only bad gear. If you have the correct gear for running in rougher weather, you and the rain can be very good running companions.

Slow down and wear bright colors

Roads and sidewalks can become slippery when it’s raining. You may want to slow your pace slightly to avoid slipping or wiping out. When it’s raining, it’s not a good time to do a speed workout. Instead, focus on distance or time. Shorten your stride to avoid falling. If you had a speed workout planned, consider moving it to an indoor treadmill instead.

Visibility may also be reduced in the rain. Cars may have a harder time seeing you. Wear bright, visible colors like neon. While light rain shouldn’t affect your run too much, avoid roads or areas where flooding has occurred. Take care when running through puddles as they can be deeper than they appear.

Wear the right shoes

Keep your favorite shoes for dry days and rely on old shoes for running in the rain. The best shoes for running in the rain depend on what type of running you'll do. For instance, waterproof shoes may be better if you plan to run on the road, as this will help you avoid slippy situations that can lead to getting injured. The goal is to keep yourself safe while enjoying your running activity.

Stay alert of your surroundings

Most runners enjoy running with headphones on because of the entertainment music provides while running, but running in the rain is an entirely different conversation. As the rain can lessen a driver’s visibility, it is very important to stay aware of vehicles approaching while you do your runs on the road. Practice safety when running and look at your surroundings from time to time. 

Don't let the rain get you down and find ways to enjoy your run despite the weather. Not only will this workout activity help you burn those calories, but continuing your runs even when it’s raining is a whole-new adventure.

These tips are not the only thing that can help you enjoy a safer run while raining. Garmin’s Forerunner 55 can be your perfect running partner when you want to get the most out of this running activity. 

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