Ride for Greatness: How to Ramp Up Your Cycling Game

Ride for Greatness: How to Ramp Up Your Cycling Game

Cycling, as we know it, is an activity that gives us an incredible outdoor experience, but it can also get strenuous while you're on the road. If you’re just starting out as a cyclist, it can get a little tough to continue with the activity because you don’t really know what aspects or which area you should improve on. 

Of course there is no secret wonder potion or shortcut to being a pro cyclist. To become one, you need to be willing to work hard and continue honing your skills. It takes commitment and passion to stay on track of the goal to be a better cyclist.

As cycling is an excellent form of exercise, it requires endurance and strength and is a great way to keep fit. However, if you want to get the most out of your ride, you need to do more than just pedal around on a bike. You need to make sure that you're using all of your muscles properly.

To guide you, here are tips on what you can do to be a better and stronger cyclist. 

Do some strength training

As with any type of exercise, there are certain muscles that are important for cycling. The core is strength training and working on your muscles and glutes, as it supports your body when you're riding at high speeds or going up hills. This means that if you want to get the most out of your ride, you should concentrate on strengthening those muscles.

Glutes and hamstrings are also important for cycling because they help support the lower back during the activity. A stronger body will not only make you less prone to injury but will also stop fatigue in its tracks.

Incorporate interval and resistance training into your routine

Practicing indoors is a great way to prepare yourself before you decide to head out again and go on a ride along the toughest tracks or routes. So it's better to start climbing aboard a bike at your local gym for a workout that runs through a mixture of fast-paced, light efforts and steep climbs, with plenty of resistance. This form of interval workout will challenge your body and prevent boredom. The time will fly by, and soon enough, you’re on your way to becoming one of the greatest cyclists the world has ever seen. 

Fuel your body right

Cycling is a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular function, and strengthen your muscles. But cycling alone won’t be enough—you also need to eat right.

Before you hit the road, it’s best to fuel your body with carbohydrates, both in the evening before and during breakfast, at least two hours before you cycle.

Post-cycle, you need to ensure you consume 20g of protein an hour to aid recovery, as well as a good dose of carbs to boost your energy.

Build up your capacity

In order to become a better cyclist, you must be able to build up your capacity for longer rides. You can do this by gradually increasing your rides by 30 minutes if you’re coping just fine. Once you’re comfortable treading a certain distance, you can then add a bit more intensity by adding extra efforts here or there. Perhaps go out with a group of stronger riders and start off by trying to last one-and-a-half hours with them. Then increase that to two hours, two-and-a-half hours, and so on.

If you want to take it up a notch and start competing in races, then it’s probably best not to focus too much on speed or distance at first. Instead, focus on building up your endurance so that you can complete longer rides without getting worn out too quickly.

You might find it easier if you do some shorter rides first so that you can build up your stamina and get used to being out in the weather for longer periods before trying anything longer than an hour or two.

Stay motivated

The best way to get more out of your training is by setting small, realistic goals that you can achieve. Make sure you have a plan of what training you want to do each week and keep it different and interesting. Try to organize rides with other people because this will help you push yourself even more, and of course, having company for longer rides is a lot more fun!

You must first buy into your training and truly believe in it. That is what will motivate you, knowing the effort you're making is resulting in gains and you yourself are seeing the fruits of your success.

But if you don’t feel motivated all the time, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. It isn't a failure if there’s a day you don’t feel like going out on your bike. When you give yourself permission to be imperfect in that respect, it makes your training a whole lot easier and better. 

Get the right equipment

Improving your cycling game also involves getting the perfect partners to help you through your training. With the Garmin Edge 1040, it provides you not only your ride statistics as you take out your bike on the toughest terrains, but it also suggests an effective training plan that lets you know what areas to improve on. 

The Garmin Edge 1040 is a great device for those who are both casual cyclists and seasoned veterans. It is easy to use, comes with all the key components you need to record your ride, and provides a more accurate reading. It can also withstand the elements and will keep running even when the going gets tough—whether that's due to bad weather or rough terrain.

All in all, if you’re looking for a GPS computer that can take you along for the ride and perform well in rough terrains, then Edge 1040 is your best choice.


Finding the right training plan in order to be a better cyclist can be tough especially if you're not really familiar with the basics. So the most effective way to create a solid training is to get to know first how you ride and how far you can take during your rides. Getting to know your body statistics is an effective way in order for you to devise a plan that's tailored-fit for your needs.

And that is where the Garmin Edge 1040 comes into the picture. It gives you all the insights and data in order to get exactly what you need.

When it comes to training, it's not just about knowing the speed that you bike at or when your heart rate jumps up. Physical activity is more than just the exertion of energy and strength; it is also about optimizing where you put that energy.

With a device like the Edge 1040, you can take cycling to the next level, quantify your movements and formulate a training plan accordingly, set goals, and define your target time and pace.

Remember, we all have our strengths and weaknesses as cyclists and one training plan can be effective for some but not for others. But it is up to you to find out what works out for you by getting the most effective riding partner you can get—the Edge 1040 cycling computer. 

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