Practical Workouts with Real-Life Uses

Practical Workouts with Real-Life Uses

Working out and doing exercises is something that a lot of people already do in the modern times because it keeps our body fit and healthy. Most people want to stay fit because it boosts their confidence, some do it to achieve their dream body build, others just want to have a hobby that they can do on the weekends. While all of these are valid reasons to exercise, there is more to those than just working out. 

The world today is becoming more and more dangerous as we go deeper into the future. Natural disasters and calamities are hitting us relentlessly and all we can do is watch and prepare for what is going to happen in the next few days. Knowing that, preparation does not always come in the form of physical items—it is also on how we build our body. 

All exercises are valid, but there are some that will help you out in real-life situations where danger is present and you will need to have the necessary body strength and skill to survive that very moment. Here are some workouts and exercises that have real-world applications that will help you survive a potentially dangerous situation.   


It may be a popular choice among people who want to build their shoulder and chest muscles, but pull-ups will definitely save your life one day. Doing a pull-up means that you can carry your whole body weight easily either for a short burst or a long period of time. Now that natural disasters have become more prevalent, being able to carry yourself on a ledge is a skill that you must possess because situations where you have to hang on to something to survive can happen anytime and anywhere.


It may seem like this is surely going to be here, and you are right. Running is an essential skill that will always come in handy no matter the situation. Being able to run or sprint for longer periods will definitely save you in a lot of situations—from outrunning a mugger to running away from a certain danger. Not only does it give you immense agility, it also builds stamina and endurance for your body, which is something that is very welcome. 


This might seem anticlimactic, but you will thank me when it all boils down to it. Always do warm-ups and stretches whenever you can—when you wake up in the morning, after typing for a long time, before starting on tasks again, etc—because you never know what will happen next. The last thing you want after saving yourself from danger is a body ache that would last for a day or two. 

Lastly, you will need a companion for when you want to work out on these things. Garmin always has a solution for you—a good example is the Garmin Venu 2S.

With a very simple and minimalistic aesthetic, it packs a lot of function and high-tech solutions. Equipped with the Health Snapshot, it can monitor your health with accuracy and create reports regarding your health after your workouts.

More than that, it tracks your sleep quality and your stress levels for you to know the conditions of your body before doing anything. More features are there for you including the several health trackers that will help you create a plan for the day. 


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