Fitness Meets Fashion: How to Put Together the Best Athleisure Wear

Fitness Meets Fashion: How to Put Together the Best Athleisure Wear

Thinking of assembling a new wardrobe? Or maybe you’re adding more to an already full one? An additional rack of clothing is definitely worth it if you’re going for simple yet comfortable wear that you can use in your daily activities, particularly workouts.

When deciding what to wear during exercises, comfort is the most important factor to take into consideration. Athleisure is what they call it, a trend that combines fashion and fitness. In fact, it has always been present because one, it is multi-seasonal and two, it is multi-functional.

At present, athleisure wear or activewear has seen an unexpected popularity as people continue to look for a more sustainable, durable, and comfortable clothing ensemble that they can use any day at any time. This is due to the fact that when the pandemic happened, we were forced to spend most of our days at home, which then led to the rise of at-home workouts and yoga sessions. 

But as mentioned, athleisure is not at all new. Lululemon, a prominent activewear brand, has made it a point to make clothes that are fashionable but stay comfortable, especially for women. Many brands, including luxury ones, have also started launching activewear lines because of how in demand it is. This trend has allowed these brands to create their own pieces with their potential customers’ needs in mind rather than what would look good.

Since athleisure is becoming more prominent by the day, it is now considered casual wear that you can don anytime you want to go for a run or a brisk walk in the park. Activewear is also weather-adaptive, perfect for when you decide to go outside no matter if it's the warm or cool season.

So if you’re looking to add a breath of fresh clothing to your wardrobe without compromising simplicity or trendiness, then athleisure wear is the best fashion choice you should be making.

But how do you assemble one?

Athleisure Wear: How to Style It

Athleisure is anything that you wear when you’re working out or doing pilates or yoga, basically pieces of clothing that are stretchable and fit right into your body. They can be joggers, leggings, sweat-free shirts, crop tops, or sports bras. A pair of rubber shoes also make a good addition, particularly runner or tennis shoes as they are light on the feet. You can mix and match to achieve the palette of your choice, which could be warmer tones or shades of red, orange, and yellow or cooler tones such as green, blue, and purple. Complete your outfit with your favorite activewear accessories such as a headband, a pedometer, and of course, a smartwatch.

There are a lot of good choices for a smartwatch, but among them, there stands out a brand that provides not just sleek design but also features that will make your journey towards health the best it can be—Garmin.

Complete Your Outfit with a Garmin Watch

Garmin boasts a collection of smartwatches that can keep up with any activity. One of them is the Venu Sq. 

The Venu Sq comes in a design that complements any outfit. If you’re going for a casual OOTD, the Venu Sq’s sleek look can easily match it. But of course, its appearance is not the only good thing about this smartwatch. It has a bright display that is always on so you can take a quick glance at the data you need to know anytime. You also do not have to worry about recharging your Venu Sq every now and then because despite its bright always-on display, it can go as long as 6 days on a single charge. 

Despite its small and quaint appearance, the Venu Sq packs a punch and keeps track of your body battery energy, monitors your every movement, and sees how well your body is responding to your workouts. With its pulse OX sensor, you are always aware of how much oxygen your body is taking in. It can also determine your stress levels and comes with alerts reminding you of when it is time to rest. 

The Venu Sq also has a menstrual cycle tracker that women users can rely on for alerts on when their period is about to begin. Not only that, this smartwatch also has a built-in hydration tracker, respiration tracker, sleep monitor, and wrist-based heart rate monitor. 

And if you have fitness goals to achieve, the Venu Sq can help you reach your fitness destination with its preloaded workouts that include yoga, running, and jogging. It also has over 20 sports modes including one for tennis, golf, surfing, aerobics, and more. And if you’re not sure how each exercise works, Garmin Coach is always ready to guide through any activity. 

Stay connected through Garmin Connect, an app that lets you connect with a community of people who share the same goals and where you can share your progress. This and more are packaged into a wearable that stays by your side as you work towards your fitness goals.

Strap the Venu Sq on and feel more powerful and catch more possibilities with Garmin.

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