Cycling from Home: How Cycling Helps with Health Management

Cycling from Home: How Cycling Helps with Health Management

On the onslaught of the pandemic, most gyms were inaccessible due to the spread of the virus. Because of this, most of us resorted to doing our workouts at home and going for routines that do not need the equipment and support gyms offer. As the number of cases continued to rise, we became more anxious and stressed over not knowing what would happen next, so we made it a point to always put our safety first.

At the moment, we have not gone back to the way things were before COVID struck. In fact, we are not sure if we will ever get back the life we had before December 2019, when it all started. And because of that, we’ve learned to adapt to what we call the new normal—hybrid work setup, virtual meetings, online shopping, and of course, at-home workouts.

Hitting the gym has always been the better option because it has all the equipment we need, but if there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is that there are a lot of things we thought were better done outside but can actually be done at home without having to make compromises. Working out is one of them.

Safety has become our top priority in recent years. To protect ourselves, we’ve learned to do our workouts in the comforts of our home. Not only that, at-home workouts are relatively cheaper than all those membership fees. As long as you have the right devices and equipment, no exercise is impossible.

Managing our health through regular exercise amid the threats brought by the virus is now more important than ever. It has many long-term benefits that are not just limited to the physical aspect. Health management, however, can be difficult, especially for those who are not used to exercising or following a strict routine. The first few weeks or months can be tough. But you should never let negativity get the best of you. Push past it until you make your goals happen. 

To guide you, here are some tips for managing your health in this new era of home-based life. 

Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

Minimize your consumption of unhealthy foods and always keep healthy snacks at arm’s length. Most importantly, do not forget to eat breakfast. You know what they say, it is the most important meal of the day. It has the most impact as it is where you get the energy you need for the entire day! Munching on your favorite snacks or desserts isn’t a bad thing if done once in a while, but doing it daily will develop into an unhealthy habit. Additionally, don’t forget to take multivitamins. These supplements will make up for the nutrients you weren’t able to get from your meals.

Another important thing is the liquid you drink. Water is and will always be your best friend. Staying hydrated goes a long way. Water helps break down the nutrients you get from the food you eat. Also, try to stay sober. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes long-term undesirable effects, like producing more calories than your body can handle.

Maintain an active lifestyle.

Make sure to do some exercise on a regular basis and maintain an active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter where you do it, may it be in your living room or the nearest gym. As long as you’re trying to stay fit, then you’re making a positive difference. Most of us are now working from home, which often means we spend more time sitting in front of our computer than we used to. Try to develop an active routine all the while dealing with work-related things.

For one, you can set up an alarm reminding you to stand up. Or, if you have to spend the day facing the computer screen, try to cut back on using your phone or laptop at night.  This will help you minimize stress and maximize rest, which will lessen the risk of developing health issues. Taking a break once in a while and getting enough sleep are two of the most important things one should practice to refuel themselves for the following day. Having enough energy lets you focus more and helps you build a stronger immune system.

Manage your emotions.

Learn to manage your emotions and adopt a healthy coping mechanism. Stress eating isn’t the answer. Being able to manage your emotions will make you stronger and wiser. Try to talk to someone you can trust whenever you feel down or overwhelmed, or do something new and challenging but won’t put you in danger. These are just some of the best ways to learn to come to terms with what happened or what’s happening and feel at peace with yourself.

Try cycling.

Managing your health doesn’t have to be dull and tedious. There are a lot of activities that you can do that are fun but will still help you maintain good health. One good example is indoor cycling. 

Cycling is a low-impact activity that focuses on good muscle workout, helping you build strength and stamina that will make you feel more energized. Cycling is also a fun way to get fit. It makes you feel ecstatic and is very time-efficient because you can get a lot from a 30-minute session! Despite being a low-impact workout, cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness, as well as your strength and flexibility. Cycling also improves your joint mobility, which, in the long run, prevents arthritis. If you’re planning to fix your posture, cycling can also help, and it enhances body coordination too. 

Cycling, particularly the indoor type, is an activity simpler than we make it seem, but its effects on your overall health are significant. It is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and gain back the confidence that you lost.

To make this activity even more efficient, do it with the Tacx Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer! With this device, you surely won’t miss a beat! From its classy design to its time-efficient setup, you can start cycling towards optimum wellness in a snap. Just place your bike above it and you can start enjoying an indoor cycling machine without having to buy those large and heavy gym equipment. Since it is compact, you can store it anywhere, saving you a good amount of space. 

At a time where access is limited and safety is compromised, we have to look for ways to stay healthy without the need to go out and hit the gym or to try new trails. With the Tacx Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer, you get everything you need to start cycling with ease and efficiently.

Continue to move towards health and wellness. Continue to move with Garmin. 

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