Built for the Field: Introducing Tactix 7 Pro Edition

Built for the Field: Introducing Tactix 7 Pro Edition

Say hello to your new adventure partner! No matter where you take it, from your desk to the field and beyond, this device will always be ready for action! 

Introducing the Tactix 7 Pro edition—the wearable built for the field. Everything you need to take on your next mission is all in one sleekly designed watch that's built to last. On one charge, it can last up to 37 days in smartwatch mode and up to 1 year in battery savers watch mode with its solar-charging feature enabled.

It is completely waterproof so you can wear it for sports like swimming and running in the rain and is built with a multi-LED flashlight that provides you with quick access to a bright, steady beam to guide you in low-light conditions.  

The Tactix 7 pro features a look that complements any style with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, black DLC-coated titanium bezel, and black PVD-coated titanium rear cover. The smartwatch is 51 x 51 x 14.2 mm and comes in a silicone band that can fit wrists of 127–210 mm. You also have the option to customize the look of this smartwatch by changing the straps that are available at Garmin’s official store.

Guaranteed to be up to the MIL-STD-810 US military standard, the watch’s rugged yet sophisticated design features a large 1.4” display and comes with the traditional button controls that work in any environment, complete with a responsive new touchscreen interface that allows quick access to selections and functions.

The Tactix 7 Pro edition offers a new tech that makes it stand out from the rest of the tactical Garmin smartwatches that are already available on the market. With its release, Garmin has leveled up their game in building watches that are not only keen on keeping our health monitored 24/7 but also keep up with our recreational and outdoor activities that push our bodies and minds to the limit.


Stealth mode

When you carry out your missions, the stealth mode can be activated to stop storing and sharing your GPS position and disable wireless connectivity and communication. Activities can still be started to monitor time, pace, elevation, and location, but the information will not be saved on the watch while the feature is activated.

Kill switch

This feature allows you to reset your watch quickly, dumping any stored data and reverting the watch to factory settings. You may find this option useful if you are in a position where data saved on your watch could be considered sensitive and confidential.

Jumpmaster mode

This feature works to calculate high-altitude release points according to military guidelines and helps to navigate your objective once you’ve jumped. It can be found on the activity apps list and provides detailed information for speed of descent and altitude. Jumpmaster allows users to set one of three types of jumps: High Altitude–High Opening (HAHO), High Altitude–Low Opening (HALO), and Static Jumps.

Night vision capability

Easily switch between daytime view and nighttime view with a screen that can be read using night-vision goggles.

Dual-position format
Easily sync your location with that of others by seeing both the universal transverse mercator and military grid reference system on the same screen.

Weather reports
Access aviation weather, including NEXRAD radar, METARs and TAFs, to see winds, visibility, barometric pressure, and more.

Tactix 7 Pro uses a more advanced approach that utilizes the latest satellite technologies to provide precise location information. Garmin has equipped it with the most advanced positioning technology, giving you access to multiple global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo.

The watch lets you tap into multiple frequencies sent by navigation satellites for improved position accuracy in areas where GNSS signals are reflected, weak, or typically don't penetrate. You can rely on Tactix 7 Pro to get you where you want to go, no matter where you are or how rugged your terrain may be.

Of course, your standard Garmin smart features are still present—preloaded sports apps, HIIT workouts, performance metrics, workout suggestions, and the 24/7 health-monitoring technology Garmin offers in all of its devices.

The Tactix 7 Pro series is the latest breakthrough in smartwatch technology. It's built to survive the most extreme conditions and keep you connected to the things that matter the most, all while providing you an amazing experience during outdoor activities and executing your every objective swiftly and efficiently.

Get your hands on Garmin’s Tactix 7 Pro today, say yes to any challenge, and get ready to take on any action on and off the field.

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